50+ Favorite RV Accessories – After 9 Years of RVing

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These are the RV upgrades and accessories that we absolutely love or have found to be very useful day in and day out. After 9 years as full-time traveling RVers we have tried a lot of RV accessories, check out our favorites! Some of them we have used from the very beginning of our RV adventure and some are relatively new. A few of them are everyday household items (that you might not even think of) that are perfect for RV life.

If you are new to RVing, consider this, in many ways RVing is no different than living in a sticks and bricks house. So think about what you use everyday and how you use it. You’ll want many of the same things or functionality in your RV. Remember, RVs can only carry so much weight and have limited storage space. Think small, think lightweight, think multi-purpose.

Now, on to our top picks for the best RV accessories. Enjoy!

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Travel Berkey Water Filter System

Our Travel Berkey quite literally changed our life. For years, we refilled water containers at drinking water stations.  In addition to paying 25 to 35 cents per gallon, we had to go out to get water every week or so.  In some locations this is no big deal, in others, it’s a long drive.  

The Travel Berkey sits right on the counter and is gravity powered. You just pour water into the top section and once the water has passed through the filters to the bottom section it is clean and safe to drink. According to Berkey each set of two filters will filter 6,000 gallons of water making the cost per gallon less than 2 cents and it filters water so well that it is actually a water purifier.

Tip: Make sure to buy from an Authorized Berkey Water Systems Dealer.

MaxxFan Deluxe

This might be my favorite RV upgrade ever. It’s awesome. With 10 speeds, the MaxxAir Deluxe Fan moves an incredible amount of air (900 cubic feet per minute) and can pull air in or push it out. It has a remote control and a thermostat – it will change the fan direction and open or close the cover to maintain the temperature you select. The built in rain cover means you can have the fan open and running even in the rain.

And the MaxxFan fits right into a standard RV 14×14 roof vent opening so it was easy to install. I’m not sure how we got by without it. I almost forgot, it runs on 12 volts too.

Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X Surge Protector

One RV accessory that you absolutely need is an EMS (electrical management system) to protect your RV wiring and appliances from damage that can be caused by poor power. You need more than a simple surge protector.  A surge protector protects against surges, that’s it. 

We have been using the Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X (and it’s predecessor) since we started RVing full-time in 2012. Over the years, we have encountered power problems ranging from low voltage to open grounds. There is no doubt in my mind that our EMS has prevented damage to our RV on numerous occasions. Basically, it continuously scans all power coming into your RV and if it senses a problem, cuts the power before your RV or appliances can be damaged. It protects against a variety of power issues including high/low voltage, open grounds, open neutrals and power surges. It is also extremely simple to use. Just plug it into the park power post, plug the RV into the EMS and turn on the power. Progressive makes a 50 amp portable EMS too! Don’t forget to get an adjustable cable lock to go with it.

In fact, we like our EMS so much we wrote an entire article about it.

Zero-G RV/Marine Fresh Water Hose

Wow! I had no idea that the Zero-G RV/Marine Fresh Water Hose would make hooking up our fresh water so much easier. I should have bought one years ago! Actually we’ve had it for almost two years now – it is still in great shape and I still love it.

The Zero G hose is lightweight, easy to handle and does not take much room to store. We have the 25 foot version – I can hold it with one hand and when it is time to put it away on travel days it coils easily, more like a rope than a hose. Check out all of the details in our full review.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

After blowing a tire just outside of Death Valley in the middle of nowhere, we decided a TPMS was a must have RV upgrade. Fortunately we carry everything we need to change our tires. These days, I wouldn’t drive an RV without a TPMS if I had any choice in the matter. We went with the EEZTire-TPMS with anti-theft sensors. We’ve had it for five years now and are very happy with it.

The EEZTire TPMS continuously monitors tire pressure and temperature at 6-second intervals and audibly warns you if there is an issue. You can use it for up to 26 tires and tire pressures up to 210 psi. Also, it has a built in replaceable lithium battery. If you have a very large vehicle and/or trailer you can get a signal booster too.

I love being able to see our tire pressure and temperature at a glance as we travel. While a TPMS can’t prevent you from blowing a tire, it can definitely warn you before there is a problem. For example, if we see one of our tires running hot or losing pressure we know it’s time to find a safe place to stop and take a closer look.

Small Refillable Propane Tank

Another awesome upgrade for the RV! The Worthington 4.25 lb. propane tank holds about as much propane as 4 of the green 1 lb disposable canisters and it usually costs me less than $3.00 to fill! It is a great size 91. inch diameter and 11.8 inches tall – easy to move around the campsite and to stow away for travel. You’ll need a propane adapter hose to use it with your grill or camp stove.

We may upgrade to the 11 lb. propane tank– same diameter footprint but taller at 16.8 inches. The 4.25 lb. version was great for just the grill but now that we have a propane fire pit too, it’s not quite large enough.

If you are looking for a small propane tank or wondering how long your propane appliances will run check out our Propane Usage and Tank Size Calculator.

Duvet or Comforter Cover

Yup, a duvet cover is perfect for RV living. It is so much easier to wash! Just take the duvet cover off on wash day and you can fit it in any washing machine.

Plus, if you want a new color scheme you can choose another duvet cover.

This is one of those things that is so obvious once you see it – I find myself wondering why we ever used anything else. Even if you don’t have a duvet you can probably find one to fit over your comforter.

Kitchen Sink Faucet Sprayer Adapter

Change your faucet from stream to sprayer simply by turning the adapter head. You can change the angle of the water stream/sprayer to spray around the sides of your sink or large pots. The Waternymph Dual Flow Aerator is easy to use and easy to install. It just screws right on to your faucet. Oh. and it helps save water too! All in all, this is a simple and inexpensive RV upgrade that you will use every single day.

Nalgene On the Fly Water Bottles

Unbreakable, leak proof and easy to use with one hand these Nalgene OTF water bottles are the best! The cap snaps closed and has a clip that flips up over it so it’s doubly secure. My favorite part though, is that the part that you actually drink out of always stays clean – it is completely covered when the cap is closed and you don’t touch it at all to pop it open. We each have one for inside the RV and one for our tow vehicle.

Available in a variety of colors, it’s easy to color code them for the whole family and you’ll always know which one is yours. Mine is baby blue! They’re BPA, BPS and phthalate free too. Plus, they have a great warranty, if you break it, they replace it, just send Nalgene a pic!

Motion Sensing Indoor Outdoor Night Lights for Closets, Bathrooms & Stairs

Mr Beams is my buddy. These stick on battery powered motion sensing lights only come on at night or in the dark and automatically shut off after 30 seconds. They are bright enough to help you see but not so bright that you are blinded.

We have these in our RV cabinets, closets and bathroom and they work perfectly. The light is focused downward (or upward) so you can face them down on stairs and in closets or up in the bathroom so the light bounces off the ceiling.


Digital Water Flow Meter and Fresh Tank Filler with Shutoff Valve

I really didn’t think I needed these… It turns out I love them. Just screw them on to the end of your fresh water hose and start filling your tank. The fresh tank filler slips right in and stays there (you don’t need to hold it) and the water meter measures the water. There’s a shut off lever on the fresh tank filler that lets you turn off the water too – no need to run back to the spigot to stop the water flow.

With the digital flow meter you can see exactly how many gallons of water (and how much weight) you add to your fresh tank. Water is really heavy and 8.34 pounds per gallon adds up fast. If you’re not boondocking do you really need to carry a full tank of freshwater around the country?

Flow-Rite Battery Watering System

One of my least favorite tasks is topping off our battery water. Our batteries are hard to reach, hard to see and, well, just kind of dirty and gross. You know, battery acid and all that. Enter this cool battery filling gadget that makes it incredibly easy to add water to your batteries. We’ve had it for 4 years now and it is still perfectly functional and in good shape.

If your RV has lead acid batteries that need to be watered the Flow-Rite RV2000 battery watering system is an awesome upgrade. The caps that come with the kit lock into your battery and are connected with rubber tubing. Once the Flow-Rite system has been installed, watering your batteries is easy. Seriously, all you need to do is put the end of the Quik-Fill hand pump hose in your distilled water container and squeeze the bubble until there is resistance. All done, battery water topped off.

We have two GC-2 six volt golf cart batteries wired in series. If you have another lead acid battery setup you’ll need to choose the version that fits your battery set up. For some reason the Quik-Fill pump is sold separately so don’t forget it.

RhinoFLEX 20 Foot Sewer Hose Kit

We have been using RhinoFlex Sewer Hoses since 2012 and (knock on wood) they have worked perfectly so far. We have the 20 foot kit and an extra 10 foot hose just in case the sewer hookup is far away from the RV.

If you are new to RVing, you’ll want a sewer hose support as well.

The 20 foot kit includes:

  • Two 10 foot sections of sewer hose that can be used connected together or separately depending on how far away the sewer hookup is.
  • Caps so that you can close off the ends of the hoses for travel and storage.
  • Sewer adapter and clear elbow.

Clear Sewer Hose Adapter

This clear sewer hose adapter attaches to your RV sewer outlet and is extremely helpful when you are emptying and flushing your tanks. You can actually see what is going on so you’ll know when your black tank is completely flushed. We have the 3.5 inch one and just leave it attached, the sewer safety cap fits right on it. As far as I’m concerned this is a must have RV accessory.

Flexible 3-in-1 Sewer Adapter Hose Seal

If you are doing a lot of camping or full-time RVing you want to have the Camco Flexible 3-in-1 Sewer Adapter Hose Seal. It is made of a flexible rubber with a little “give” so that it can be securely attached without threads. Just push it firmly into pretty much any sewer hookup even if it is stripped or at a weird angle.

RV Toilet Paper

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper for RV & Boats. RV toilet paper that we actually like. Soft, strong and dissolves quickly once it hits your black tank.

9 years.
No black tank clogs or issues.
Enough said.

Over the Tank (Or Cabinet Door) Toilet Paper Holder

RVs are small but RV bathrooms are even smaller. Our bathroom really has no good place to mount a toilet paper holder. Luckily we found this double roll toilet paper holder that slips right over a cabinet door. The rolls just slip right on and the hooked shape keeps them from falling off on the road.

Wheel Stop Chocks For Stabilization

No more wobbles and wiggles! Wheel stop chocks really help to add stability to a tandem axle travel trailer or fifth wheel. You put them in between your tires and tighten them down to keep the wheels still while set up at a campsite. I was a little skeptical at first but they are definitely a worthwhile upgrade and really help minimize movement as you walk around your RV.

Step Rugs

A simple, inexpensive and effective RV accessory. We have Camco Step Rugs on all of our steps. Once you put them on, they just stay on your steps, no need to put them away or store for travel. They help to keep dirt or sand outside where it belongs.

LED Light Bulbs

One of the very first things we wanted to do when we bought our RV, was to upgrade all of our interior light bulbs to LED. It’s been a bit of a journey, who knew. Some of the LED bulbs we tried had a blue cast to the light, others started blinking after a few months, some didn’t work at all.

After trying far too many LED bulbs we now have these SRRB Performance 12 Volt 921 Wedge LED Bulb Lights for RVs in Warm White. We have had these LED bulbs for about 9 months now and so far so good. They are 750 lumens ( about the same amount of light as a 50 watt incandescent bulb) and have a color temperature of 3000 k. They produce a nice even and bright light.

Battery Powered X-mas Fairy Lights

These are great. We strung them along the top of our slides and attached them with clear 3M stick on mini light clips then mounted the battery packs. You can’t see the lights during the day and at night they make a nice soft and ambient light. The best part is they don’t use any house power. We picked them up after Christmas on clearance and they were super cheap. If you want them before Christmas, these fairy lights look similar.

Folding Step Stool

Folding steps stools are handy for hard to reach places. Plus they are small, lightweight and easy to tuck away. Definitely a useful accessory to have around the RV.

RV Road Atlas with Highlighted RV Routes & Campground Locations

The Good Sam Road Atlas is my go-to for an old school paper atlas. RV safe routes are highlighted so that they are easy to see at a glance. The spiral binding makes it convenient to leave the page open to your current state. Good Sam campgrounds, Camping World, Gander Outdoors and Pilot/Flying J locations are pinpointed on the maps too.

It’s great to have on hand for quick trip planning and as a backup in areas with no data service. It is only sold by Camping World/Gander Outdoors. We replace ours with the updated version every few years.

RV Membership Clubs

While RV Membership clubs are not really an RV accessory or upgrade, we use ours all the time. Plus they are absolutely important for both saving money and creating community on the road. Our top 6 RV membership clubs are listed below, check out the full article for all of the details about each club.


Locking Pet Proof Step Trash Can

This is probably the fourth trash can we have tried in our RV and it is the clear winner. Tall and narrow, the simplehuman step trash can fits well in several locations in our RV. With a foot pedal to open the lid and a slow close mechanism it is both easy to use and quiet – the lid closes silently.

It even has a pet proof locking lid that helps keep any scents in the trash can. Plus you can lock the lid closed on travel days. If the trash can happens to go flying, it’s locked closed and the trash stays inside.

Fridge & Cupboard Bars

Another early and effective addition to our RV kit. Fridge and cupboard bars are spring loaded bars that help keep your food in place on the road. We prefer the single fridge bars because while the double bars worked well to keep the food in place, it was difficult to actually get some items out from behind the bars.

Plate Holder – Stack-A-Plate

One of the very first accessories we got when we bought our RV and we still use it everyday. Camco Stack-A-Plate – super simple and functional. It keeps our plates from slipping and sliding around on the road.


Once you make your morning coffee you’ll want to keep it warm! So it’s time to turn to the tried and true Stanley Thermos. Great every morning in your RV, around your campsite and to bring a little extra coffee along on travel days.

Coffee Maker(s)

A coffee makers is one of the few items we have more than one of. First, for spots with a power hookup, we have a Hamilton Beach electric coffee maker. You can set it to automatically start every morning. It is a basic coffee maker that has worked well for us. Second, we have a stove top percolator for boondocking or dry camping when we don’t want to use extra power.

No-Spill Covered Ice Tray

An ice tray with a silicone cover that prevents leaks and keeps your ice clean in the freezer. Small, lightweight and handy for ice cold drinks on a hot summer day.

Silicone Trivet / Pot Holder

I’m a sucker for things with multiple uses so of course I love my silicone trivets. Use them as a trivet, a pot holder or even put them in between glass jars on travel days. Honestly though, the real reason I like them so much is that I can wash them in the sink! They are ready to use again in minutes. We got ours in Quartzsite so here’s an example by Lodge.

Stick on Shower Caddy

Our RV shower really doesn’t have a good place to put a bottle of shampoo or conditioner so one of the first things we added was this 3M Stick On Shower Caddy. I really didn’t think it was likely to stay on for long in a shower and in an RV but it was worth a shot. To my surprise, it stuck and stayed! It’s been there for 8 years now!

Update: It fell down! We ordered a replacement and that one fell down too. Not sure if we didn’t clean the wall well enough before installing the second one or if they have changed the stick on tabs. Either way, I can’t really recommend it anymore.

Tension Rods for Shower

Small tension/curtain rods fit well in many RV showers and are simple to put up and take down. They’re great for creating extra space to hang towels. Even better, the towels are hidden away in the shower while they dry. I’m sure there are fancier versions but these are inexpensive and do the trick.

Travel Packing Cubes

These travel packing cubes are a great way to organize socks and underwear. Seriously, all those little pieces of clothing have a way of scattering all over the drawer or closet. Not anymore, now they are neatly in their own storage bags and easy to find. If you want an almost free way to do the same thing or to test the theory – try big Ziploc bags, not glamorous but it works.

Washing Machine

I’m in love. We got a washing machine! After 9 years of lugging our laundry to a laundromat, we finally have a washing machine and it’s awesome. After hours of research we found one that would work in our RV, the RCA 0.9 cu ft Portable Washing Machine.

It is small enough to fit in our tiny space, big enough to do a good sized load of laundry and automatic. Just put in the laundry, choose your cycle settings and press go. The spin cycle is great – our laundry is barely wet when it comes out of the machine. We have a folding laundry rack that fits in our shower so we just hang our clothes to dry and they are conveniently hidden away. You should know, this washing machine is not made for an RV so I have no idea how it will handle RV travel. Only time will tell.

Update: Seven months and a cross country trip later the washing machine is still working well and we still love it!

Door Mat and Kitchen Rug

You’ll definitely want an indoor door mat to trap dirt and sand once you step inside your RV. We always take our shoes off so we just leave them by the door on the mat. In front of the kitchen sink is another place where a rug comes in handy, it makes it a little more comfortable to stand while preparing food or doing dishes and it catches any water droplets that may splash. Choose something fun!


Indoor / Outdoor 3 Channel Digital Thermometer

Keep track of the temperature and humidity inside and outside your RV. The AMIR Digital Thermometer comes with three wireless sensors, we put one outside, one in our tow vehicle and one in the hutch. (The one in the hutch is important, it lets us know if it gets really cold in there and also if the humidity rises significantly it’s time to take a look and find out why. ) The base station has an optionally back-lit and easy to read screen that can be mounted or stood on a table. This is an upgrade from a previous thermometer for our RV, we’ve had it for 9 months now and it has worked perfectly so far.

Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries and Charger

Another handy accessory to have in your RV is a set of rechargeable batteries. We mostly use AA and AAA and have been very pleased with the longevity of our eneloop batteries and charger. They last well when in use and can be charged up to 2100 times. While we haven’t counted how many times ours have been re-charged, we still use the original set we purchased in 2015 and haven’t noticed any deterioration of battery life.

Wirefy Racheting Crimper Set

Well, I am not particularly comfortable with installing new electrical devices. For a long time we just hired someone to do the wiring for us when we needed to. After a while, this just started to seem like a waste of money. So after a lot of research we picked up this Wirefy Ratcheting Crimper Set. In my mind, it is the crimper for someone (me!) who is never going to crimp enough wires to get good at it.

I’m impressed with how well it works. We used Wirefy T Tap Electrical Connectors and Heat Shrink Wire Connector Marine Crimp Terminals to make more than a few test crimps, then tugged on them and wiggled them around to see how strong they seemed. The conclusion – solid crimps. So now we do the simple ones ourselves and the Wirefy crimper has more than paid for itself. It has interchangeable dies for a variety of wire gauges and crimps – like insulated nylon connectors, insulated flag terminals, heat shrink connectors and more. Plus,it has a lifetime warranty so we expect to use it for years to come.

I’m sure that some of you are old hands and know exactly how to do your own electrical work and some of you are more hesitant about it. Do what is comfortable for you, seek professional help if needed and keep it safe.

Adjustable Cable Locks

These adjustable cable locks are a great way to secure a variety of outdoor items. Adjust it to fit whatever you are locking up. We use one for locking our EMS to the power post and have another on hand in case we want to lockup anything else.

Dripless Caulk Gun

For years I used a basic cheapo caulk gun for all of our RV caulking, I just couldn’t quite see a reason to spend money upgrading to a “fancy” caulk gun. Well, I was gifted a Dripless Caulk Gun. I have to admit, it’s awesome, and makes caulking so much easier. It would have been worth every penny to have bought it myself years ago. Yes, it really does stop the drips! The best part though is that it lays down a nice even bead without a lot of hand strength.

Work Gloves

OK, work gloves are not very exciting but it’s handy to have a pair around just in case you need them. We wear work gloves every time we set up and break down our RV campsite. Avoid scrapes, bug bites and gross stuff.


Books were one of the hardest things for me to send off to new homes when we started RVing full-time. So it’s a good thing I could bring a Kindle along on the road. Between my Kindle Unlimited subscription and library books via Overdrive I have plenty to read no matter where we are.

Tip: There are some great books for RVers on Kindle Unlimited including many of the Lonely Planet Guides. There is even a Kindle Unlimited free trial.

I pretty much always check out a Lonely Planet guide when we go to a new destination and sometimes even when we’ve already been there. It’s a great way to get a feel for an area and an idea of what you don’t want to miss. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve checked out Lonely Planet USA’s Best Road Trips.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is a free cloud photo storage and sharing service, and it’s way cooler than I thought it would be. Amazon Prime members (free trial available) get unlimited full resolution photo storage and everyone else gets 5 GB. We enjoy it quite a bit although you may or may not want to use it depending on how you feel about big tech and convenience vs privacy.

By far, my favorite thing about Amazon Photos is the slide shows – they are awesome for a traveling RVer. We love the Daily Memories slideshow. I wouldn’t normally look through our photos everyday but when they are played as a screensaver slideshow I actually get to see them. It’s pretty incredible to see the photos of all the places we’ve visited over the years! The slideshow can be set as the screensaver for your TV with a Fire TV Stick, or on an Echo Show. If you are an Amazon Prime member you can even set up a Family Vault to share photos with up to 5 family members, it’s a nice way to keep up with current family photos while you are on the road.


Roku has been our go to streaming device for over a decade and we still love it. If we had to choose only one streaming device it would be the Roku for sure. It works well and the menu is easy to navigate.

With both wired and wireless headphone capability you can stream while someone else is on a conference call or just enjoying the peace & quiet.

This is an awesome feature in an RV!

Fire TV Stick 4K

We recently picked up the Fire TV Stick 4K and are loving it. Hey, the more streaming options the better. It even comes with a flexible HDMI extender so that you can plug in the Fire TV Stick in a position that fits if space is tight. 

Hotspots and Wifi

These days you pretty much need a hotspot or two if you are RVing full-time and want to be connected. We have several and they are a well used and loved part of our RV kit but the plans are grandfathered so they are no longer available. Campground wifi networks are not particularly fast or secure and mobile data can be problematic too. You can definitely stay connected on the road though, it just takes a little bit of research and planning.

For unbiased information on all things RV Internet related head over to the Mobile Internet Resource Center. As someone who worked in the IT field for years, I can tell you these guys know their stuff and keep up to date on what is currently available.



Gotta have a grill! We have a Weber Q and love it. We’ve had it for years and it’s still going strong. The heavy porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates are actually two separate pieces so you can use it with a griddle insert on one side.

Plus, if you want to wash your cooking grates they are easy to handle and fit in the sink. It has an auto ignition and an 8500 BTU burner. The grill itself is easy to handle too, with built in handles on each side, putting it away on travel days is simple.

Folding Table

Not all campsites have a picnic table so it’s always good to have your own table on hand. We like the bi fold adjustable height tables because they fold in half for stowing away and you can sit at them without bumping your knees into the legs. A little bit on the heavy side at 19 pounds, we feel it is worth the weight to have a solid sturdy table on board. Whether it’s for a picnic table, extra food prep space for the grill or an outdoor laptop and work table it is a useful accessory to have around your RV.

Serving Tray

Another simple but useful accessory for RV living. Use it for bringing food or tableware outside for a BBQ, appetizers, or even for breakfast in bed. Our serving tray was a gift so I don’t have one to recommend.

Kijaro Dual Lock Camping Chairs

Third time’s the charm. The Kijaro Dual Lock Camp Chairs were the third type of camping chair we tried and we have been replacing them ever since!

Bottom line, they are comfortable. Their seat is firm and doesn’t sag and the mesh back is nice and cool in the summer. With cup holders on both arms and a small storage bag on the side you’ll have plenty of spots to put your drink, phone, or book. The chairs lock open and closed which is nice when stowing them for travel. At 9.6 pounds they’re pretty light too.

They usually last us for about two years of daily use outdoors, maybe a little less in the desert sun. Tip: If you’ll be using them every day it’s not a bad idea to add the protection plan for a few bucks.


Bikes are an awesome way to explore your campground and maybe even the surrounding area! We have the Miami folding bikes by Citizen and we love them for tooling around the campground but not so much for longer rides. They are very comfortable to ride although they have however gone up quite a bit in price since we purchased them. The small size is convenient, they are easy to pack up for travel even without folding them.

Try to take a bike for a test ride if you can before you buy one, there are so many variables in size, comfort and functionality.

That’s it! Wow, that was a lot. While this is by no means everything you need for your RV, I hope you found some useful accessories or upgrades. Have fun and stay safe out there. See you somewhere down the road!

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