Create a Cozy Campsite! (15 Awesome Decorating Ideas)

cozy campsite setup decorating ideas

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Transform your campsite into a relaxing oasis that’s perfect for lounging or entertaining with these inspiring decorating ideas to jazz up your space. The right accessories create the mood, whether it’s cozy and comfortable, playful or simply serenely secluded.

The best camping accessories and decorations combine both design and functionality. In other words, they do two things: create a personalized atmosphere and make your campsite more livable and comfortable.

So let’s get to it and take a look at creative decorating ideas for campsite setup.

15 Ideas For a Cozy and Comfortable Campsite Setup

Lights, lights, lights!

From pathway lights to flickering lanterns, the right lighting adds amazing ambiance to your campsite. Plus, you’ll be able to see!

Make sure to choose lights made for outdoor use. Here are a few campsite decorating ideas using lights to create a charmingly welcoming glow.

Solar Powered Torches

There’s nothing quite like relaxing among the flickering flames dancing around your campsite. With solar powered torches, you’ll get the atmosphere the easy way, without the actual flame.

Flickering Flame Solar Powered Lanterns

There are so many ways to use these flickering lanterns to decorate your campsite. Hang them from a shepherd’s hook, your awning or inside a screen room. Or just set a few on the picnic table to set the mood.

This is one of my favorites ideas, flickering lanterns add an eye catching charm to your campsite – with a super easy setup.

Solar Powered String Lights

Ideal for hanging in a screen room or along an awning, these solar powered string lights provide a soft warm light at three different brightness levels. A built in solar panel allows them to recharge everyday. And, to top it off, they roll right into their case for simple storage when it’s time to pack up the campsite. We hang ours around the inside of our Clam Quick Set screen room.

  • Solar or USB charging
  • 3 brightness setting and external flashlight
  • Available in warm white or multi colored
  • Hanging clips built into string
  • 20 hours of light on a single charge

Solar Pathway Lights or Pucks

Light up the path to your camper or the edges of the driveway so you can see where you are walking or parking at night. It can get really dark out in the country away from city lights!

Rope Lights

They say that light keeps rodents away. RVers often lay out rope lights underneath their rigs as a deterrent, especially in areas with pack rat populations. Plus they add a cool colorful glow to your RV without blinding the neighborhood.

Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug makes stepping outside feel like a natural extension of your living area, defines your space, and ties everything together. It’s a great way to add a personalized flair to your campsite and add a comfortable chill zone. The best part is, a rug keeps you from tracking dirt and sand into your RV!

Since the rug is the base of your campsite setup, you might want to select it before you choose which other ideas you like.

Look for a lightweight non absorbent outdoor rug that can be easily swept and hosed down for simple cleaning. Corner hooks for staking into the ground are helpful too.

Welcome Mat

A cute welcome mat is another great idea for adding a pop of color or a playful sentiment to your campsite. You can even order personalized welcome mats! We recently got a few of these Life is Better at the Campsite mats and they do a great job of “catching” dirt before you can track it inside.

Portable Propane Fire Pit

What’s camping without sitting around a campfire? While I love a real crackling wood fire, propane fire pits are much easier. You get all the ambiance without the effort – just turn it on, instant campfire! No need to remember wood, build a fire or wait for the fire to die down at the end of the night. Even better, you can use them when there is a burn ban.


Comfortable camping chairs are a must-have for full time RVers. They make an astounding array of camping chairs these days – from zero gravity lawn chairs to rockers! It’s a good idea to visit a store that carries a good selection of camping chairs and try them yourself. We did this recently and I felt like Goldilocks – too big, too small, too soft and so on.

Our personal favorite:

Tip: Some camping chairs have wildly varied prices for different colored chairs! So, if you like several colors you may be able to save a few bucks by choosing the least expensive option.

Inflatable Ottoman

Sit back and put your feet up! And add some color to liven up your campsite. These ottomans are incredibly lightweight and don’t take up a lot of room once deflated. Honestly though, we don’t deflate ours very often, we just toss it in our tow vehicle on travel days. The rest of the time it’s out in the campsite.

Folding Table

A folding table is definitely on my list of most often used outdoor accessories. Dress it up with a snazzy table cloth and put out drinks and appetizers for a chill evening with friends. Use it as a desk if you want to sit outside with a laptop. Need a work surface for a project? Pull out the folding table and get started! Look for a sturdy weather resistant adjustable height folding table for maximum versatility. Also, make sure that the folding mechanisms won’t block your legs when you pull up a chair.

Clam Quick Set Screen Room

A Clam Quick Set screen room keeps the bugs out and walls can be added to block the sun or even just to create a little privacy when you want it. The best part is, it’s super easy to set up! (Yes, I was skeptical.)

We picked up a Clam Quick Set Escape last fall and absolutely love it! I feel like we added another room to our RV! Check out our full review.

Campsite Yard Decorations, Signs and Flags

Personalized campsite signs and yard decorations are fun and make great conversation starters. RVers are generally very friendly so it doesn’t take much to break the ice. Before you know it you’ll be talking to your neighbors about all the places you’ve visited and sharing tips for your next adventures! Who knows, you might even hear some neat new ideas for campsite setup!

There are so many neat decorating options for your campsite so here are a few ideas to get you started.

Picnic Table Cover

Spruce up that picnic table with a fun table cloth! You might even want a set that includes bench covers.

Make a statement or keep it subtle, either way you’ll make your campsite feel more like your own space. Even better, a table cloth is easy to wipe down and keep clean. After all, who knows what has been on the picnic table. Don’t forget tablecloth clips.

Polaroid Style Phone Photo Printer

Go old school with a mini smartphone printer and print Polaroid style photos right from your phone. While not actually a decoration, this is a fun addition to any campsite. There’s just something nostalgic about an actual physical photograph.

Hang the photos in your RV, send them to friends and family or maybe even give your guests a parting gift.

Bonus Idea – Weber Q

You can even use a grill to add a vibrant dash of color to your campsite! Weber makes a great portable grill. There’s a reason, they’re ubiquitous at most campgrounds.

One of my favorite things about following the warmer weather is that I can grill any time of year! We’ve had a Weber Q for almost 10 years now and love it. The porcelain coated grill grates are easy to clean and the grill needs almost no maintenance.

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Tips for Decorating Your campsite

Here are a few things to think about when choosing which campsite decorating ideas will work best for your setup.

It’s lots of fun to set up your RV campsite with all the adornments, but it can take some time. So you’ll want a scaled down setup stored somewhere easy to access for quick overnight stops. On travel days, we usually only pull out camping chairs, a small table and solar lights.

When you’re choosing all of the awesome accessories to make your campsite homey, keep in mind a few things. The easier the setup, the faster you can get to enjoying your new spot! Also, look for items that are made to withstand the weather and are simple to clean. Finally, you’ll want to be able to batten down the hatches easily if weather pops up too.

One last thing, head out for a walk around your campground and take a look at every campsite you pass by. See any cool accessories you’d like? You’re sure to find some great campsite decorating ideas while checking out all the different setups! (This is actually a good trick for all sorts of RV gear!)

Well, that’s it for now, I hope you found some good ideas for decorating your campsite! Have fun out there, see you somewhere down the road.

Want to see more RV gear? Check out our 50+ Favorite RV Accessories (After 9 Years of RVing).

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