Casino RV Camping – Everything You Need to Know

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I love easy overnight stops. I like them even more when they are free. If I can walk to restaurants and cool things to do, even better. Enter casino camping – many casinos allow free overnight RV dry camping. Some even have free (or cheap) water & electric sites.

If full hookups are more your speed, there are also casinos with full RV Resorts right on site. Of course, you’ll have to pay for them but you get a full hookup RV site with amenities. And you’ll still be close to everything the casino has to offer.

So, there are two types of casino camping: free dry camping and full RV parks. Let’s look at the free dry camping option first.

Free Casino RV Camping

Why pay for a place just to spend the night when I can stay at the casino for free ? I’d rather spend my money on a nice dinner and maybe try my luck at a game or two.

This is dry camping in the casino parking lot. No hookups, just a place to spend the night in your RV. Feel free to put out your slides but it’s not a campground.

I usually stick to good sized casinos because they offer a lot more than just gambling. They will have restaurants, shows, spas and all sorts of entertainment along with shuttle service and security. If it is a tiny building on the side of a road with only a casino I’ll probably skip it.

Some casinos have so much to do that you can even spend a few days and take a mini vacation while dry camping for free! Seriously, it’s pretty crazy.

Foxwoods in Connecticut, for example, is an enormous casino that offers free casino camping, but that’s not all. They also have a Tanger Outlet mall, a zipline from the 33rd story of a hotel, a go kart racetrack, a bowling alley, concerts and loads of restaurants. If you like outlet shopping check out our article about Free Casino RV Camping Spots With Outlet Shopping Onsite.

Free Casino RV Camping – The Good

  • Casinos are often close to a major freeway and easy to access in an RV making them perfect for an overnight stop.
  • A lot of casinos offer free (or very cheap) overnight dry camping for RVs.
  • The free overnight RV camping spots are usually in a paved and well lit lot. After a long day on the road it is very convenient to just pull in, register and set up.
  • Security patrols – most casinos have their own security and they patrol constantly. Many casinos even have cameras in the parking lots.
  • Walkable – walking to restaurants, the casino and even shopping or entertainment is awesome if I’ve been cooped up in the RV all day on the road.
  • Shuttle service – If I don’t want to walk, I can usually have a shuttle drop me off back at the RV.
  • I know I won’t have someone knocking on my door in the middle of the night to tell me I can’t stay there. I always talk to security before setting up.

Free Casino RV Camping – The Bad

  • Semis – there can be a lot of semi-trucks. This depends on the casino, some allow semis, some don’t, and some have separate lots for semis and RVs. If there are semis we just try to park away from them.
  • It can be loud depending on the location. If you are a light sleeper it could be an issue.
  • The parking areas can be sloped making it difficult to level.
  • No hookups.
  • Often no dump station on-site.

What to Know About Free Casino RV Camping

This is dry camping in a parking lot, no hookups. You can absolutely put your slides out but don’t expect more than a spot in a parking lot for the night. A rare few offer free electric hookups or water and electric hookups but most do not.

Call ahead: You don’t need a reservation but it is a good idea to call ahead and make sure that there is not an event like a big concert or a car show when you want to be there. They will also tell you exactly where the RV parking is and what you need to do to get registered when you arrive.

Casinos provide the spots because they want you to come in and try your luck or visit the restaurants. I always try to head inside and either grab a bite and a drink or play a few games.

Often you’ll get a discount at the restaurants and some sort of free play when you sign up for a players card. Sometimes there are other promotions too, like free play or a free meal for your birthday.

Make sure that they allow overnight RV camping and follow the registration rules.

How Long Can I RV Camp at a Casino?

It depends on the casino, and ranges from 24 hours to pretty much as long as you want. I’d say the norm is anywhere from 3 nights to 10 days or more but it totally depends on the casino.

Is Casino RV Camping Safe?

I have always felt safe casino camping. Most (not all) of the casinos we have camped at have security that patrols 24/7. It’s a good idea to get the casino security phone number when you get there just in case but we’ve never needed to use it. Honestly I’ve been a lot more sketched out in some Walmart parking lots than any casino I’ve stayed at.

Follow your gut- my general rule for casino camping (and everything really) is if something feels off, or I don’t feel safe, I leave.


  • Every casino is different and has different rules, follow them. If in doubt – ask security when you arrive.
  • Be a good neighbor.
  • Leave your spot as clean (or cleaner!) than it was when you arrived.
  • Put your trash in a receptacle if there is one or take it with you when you leave.
  • Setting up camp – most of the time you’re staying in a parking lot overnight so don’t pull out the BBQ and chairs.
  • Generators – some casinos don’t allow you to use them at all and some have defined generator hours.
  • Jacks – some casinos don’t want you to put them down and some don’t mind. Always use jack pads.

What about RV parks at casinos?

Want to be close to the casino, restaurants and entertainment but don’t like dry camping? You’re in luck, there are plenty of casinos with RV parks on-site.

Some are high end RV resorts where you’ll have access to all of the casino hotel amenities like pools and spas. Some are more barebones and simply provide a full hookup site. Like all RV parks, there is a wide range in terms of pricing and amenities.

Most will have a free shuttle from the RV park to the casino and often is it a short walk to the casino.

Ask about a players club discount – sometimes there are great discounts on the RV park when you join the players club. If you play at the casino you can often use whatever points you’ve earned towards your stay. Sometimes they will even send you offers for free nights!

Tip: See if they have any other discounts like Passport America or Good Sam. For more about RV camping discount clubs check out the 6 best RV clubs for full-time RVers.

How do I find casinos with free RV camping or RV Parks?

The book Casino Camping is a great resource. It is one of the very first books we bought when we started full timing back in 2012! You can find the current version on Amazon.

Casino Camper is a website run by a couple who have been full time RVing since 2004! The website has a great map so you can zoom into an area and select a casino to see RV parking information, stay limits, amenities, dining options & contact information. In addition you can look at reviews from other RVers and can even add your own reviews.

You can also check your favorite campground review site like Campendium or Campground Reviews.

Casino RV Camping Tips & Tricks

Check out the card racks at rest areas while you are there, sometimes they will have special offers that will get you extra free play when you sign up for a players card.

Use google satellite view and street view to take a look at the RV parking area before you arrive. Hint: Look for the RVs!

Check out the happy hour or daily specials at the restaurants, there are some great deals.

Specify “no mail” when you sign up for a players card so that they don’t send you snail mail promotions. (For more about how to manage your mail as a full time RVer check out Best RV Mail Forwarding Services – How RVers Get Mail. )

Our favorite Casino Camping spots

Downstream Casino RV Park

Quapaw OK
Right off of I-4
170 miles south of Kansas City
200 miles northeast of Oklahoma City

If we are passing through this area we always try to plan a stop here. It’s hard to beat a free overnight spot with water and electric hookups! They actually have an RV park and a separate RV parking area closer to the action. We like the parking area because I love to be able to walk from my RV to grab a burger and a beer and check out the casino.

The details

  • RV Park with water and electric hookups located near the property entrance.
  • RV Parking area with water and electric hookups closer to the casino (easily walkable). There is semi parking in the next row, it is far enough away not to bother us.
  • Dump station on-site at both RV Park & RV Parking area.
  • RV Sites are free for the first night if you join the players club. If you are a couple and you both join, you get two nights free.
  • Shuttle service from RV Park & RV Parking area to casino.
  • Passport America rate also available, it was $15 per night the last time we were there.
  • 24/7 Security Patrols.

Fun fact: Downstream is at the intersection of three states. The casino itself is in Oklahoma, the RV Parking area near the casino is in Kansas and the RV Park at the entrance to the property is in Missouri!

Winstar World Casino

Thackerville, OK
Right off of I-35
80 miles north of Dallas

This is another great casino camping overnight stop that is right off of the freeway. They have both a full service RV park and a RV/Semi parking area with no hookups. They say Winstar is the world’s biggest casino and there are plenty of dining and entertainment options. This is one casino where you could easily spend a few days, maybe even catch a show. We loved the burger at Kirby’s Mickey Mantle’s!

The details

Fun Town RV Park at Winstar

  • Full service casino RV Park, rated 10/10/10 by Good Sam.
  • Shuttle service available & short walk to casino.
  • First night free for first time visitors who sign up for a players card.
  • 80 foot pull thru sites are great for big rigs.

RV & Truck Parking Area

  • Free overnight parking allowed.
  • Located just south of the casino, you’ll go right by it if you head to the RV Park.
  • Security shack located at the edge of the lot closest to casino.
  • Lots of Semi trucks, it also a large lot, RVs often park at the far end of the lot away from the semis.
  • 24/7 Security Patrols.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Ledyard, CT
50 miles southwest of Providence, RI
60 miles northeast of New Haven, CT

Foxwoods has an amazing array of things to do right on-site! Loads of restaurants, an entire outlet shopping mall, go kart racing even a zip line. You could even go bowling or catch a show. This is a great place to dry camp for a night or more.

The details

  • Dedicated Free Casino RV Camping Lot (Dry camping only).
  • Easily walkable to casino.
  • Shuttle service if desired.
  • Stay up to 10 nights.
  • 24/7 Security Patrols.

Pechanga RV Resort

Temecula, CA
Right off I-215
60 miles north of San Diego
90 miles southeast of Los Angeles
85 miles southwest of Palm Springs

You’ll have loads of entertainment options at the Pechanga RV Resort. Choose from an array of restaurants, an on-site golf course and a pool complex with several water slides. It is also a great base camp for exploring the Temecula Valley Wine Country. If you stay midweek be sure to ask for the Passport America discount.

The details

  • Full service casino RV Resort with a 10/10/10 Good Sam rating
  • Small pool at RV park and access to the Cove Pool Complex for a fee.
  • Golf course on site.
  • Large paved full hookup sites, some with amenities like a BBQ and gas fire pit.
  • Shuttle service if desired.
  • Easy walk to casino, golf course and entertainment.
  • 24/7 Security Patrols.

And that’s everything you need to know about casino RV camping. It’s a great option and we try to incorporate it into our travel plans whenever possible.

Hope to see you somewhere down the road!

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