25+ Awesome Gifts for RV Owners (2024 Gift Guide)

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What are the best gifts for RV owners? Picking a gift for RVers can be tricky. Space is at a premium in an RV so everything on board needs to have a purpose. When considering how to choose the perfect gift for the RV owners in your life, generally, we recommend selecting something that is both fun or useful and also physically small. A membership or pass that provides memorable experiences or savings are also good choices.

That said, you can absolutely get your RVer something bigger, you’ll just need to spy a little to make sure that it’s something they both have room for and can use on the road. Here’s a perfect example. We recently picked up a Clam Quick-Set screen room shelter. Yes, it’s fairly large and requires quite a bit of storage space but it’s basically an additional outdoor room for our RV that we can set up in minutes, so it is definitely worth bringing along.

So, let’s get to it and take a look at our 2024 RV gift guide. Ready?

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  1. Great Gifts for All The RV Owners in Your Life

Great Gifts for All The RV Owners in Your Life

Best Gift for the Outdoor Adventure RV Owner

National Parks Pass

The America the Beautiful National Parks Pass makes a great gift for anyone traveling the country by RV. It covers entry to over 2000 federal recreation sites including the national parks and monuments, BLM land and Corps of Engineers parks for up to 4 adults in a vehicle. It’s $80 for an annual pass. Seniors are eligible for a discounted pass for $20 per year or $80 for a lifetime pass.

Note: If your RVers are veterans, Gold Star families or fourth graders, they get an annual pass for free. So make sure they know:)

Gifts For the RV Road Trip Fanatic

RV LIFE Trip WizardRV Trip Wizard

RV LIFE Trip Wizard is hands down the best RV trip and route planner I’ve used. It makes planning an RV trip so easy and fast that after years of planning our RV trips with Google maps, I’ve switched entirely to RV Trip Wizard. Plus, it lets you share your itinerary with friends, so they can let you know exactly where they will be.

The Mountain Directory

Sometimes the old school way holds up over the years and the Mountain Directory is the perfect example. Covering over 700 mountain passes and steep grades in 22 states, the Mountain Directory is a fantastic gift idea for RVers. Especially for anyone who is nervous about driving a large vehicle through mountainous terrain.

Despite an RV GPS and RV routing software, we always check the Mountain Directory when traveling through areas with steep grades or mountain passes. That way, we know exactly what to expect. It not only tells you the grade of the road, but also provides critical information like how long the grade continues, the quality of the road, the number of lanes and any curves you should be aware of.

Audible Membership

Audible is a great way to listen to a book on those long drives whether it’s a travel book or your favorite fiction.

Gifts for the RV Owner Always Looking for the Next Adventure

50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do

Where Should We Camp Next?: A 50-State Guide to Amazing Campgrounds and Other Unique Outdoor Accommodations

Moon USA National Parks: The Complete Guide to All 62 Parks (Travel Guide) 

National Geographic Secrets of the National Parks, 2nd Edition: The Experts’ Guide to the Best Experiences Beyond the Tourist Trail

The Open Road: 50 Best Road Trips in the USA (Travel Guide)

For RV Owners Looking for Unique Overnight Camping Experiences

Harvest Hosts Membership

harvest hosts unique rv camping

Harvest Hosts is an incredible way to get a taste of the local life and make memories by camping at unique locations across the country. Members can spend the night dry camping at vineyards, craft breweries, farms, museums and even golf courses throughout North America. The idea is that you get to spend the night in your RV and in return you patronize the host business. Hey, a few craft beers or a round of golf right outside your RV sounds awesome right?

For Creating Community on the Road

Escapees / Xscapers RV Club Membership

Escapees Logo Wagon Text Slogan

For anyone looking for community on the road, an Escapees membership is the perfect gift. Xscapers is the branch for working age RVers. Their offerings encompass many other facets of RV life too, like mail forwarding & roadside assistance, a job board, long and short term stays, RV advocacy, education and more.

Note: Escapees membership is free for active duty military.

Gifts for RVers Who Love Their Morning Coffee (On and Off Grid)

AeroPress Coffee, Espresso and Cold Brew Maker

Easy to use and easy to clean up.  Even better, it makes cold brew coffee in two minutes for those hot days!  

Camping Coffee Pot – Coffee Percolator

This is our go-to coffee maker for easy stove top coffee off grid!  Plus it doubles as a kettle.  

For the RV Owner Looking for the Best Way to Do Just About Everything RV

RV Hacks: 400+ Ways to Make Life on the Road Easier, Safer, and More Fun!

For Adding Ambiance to Your RV Campsite

Flickering Flame Solar Torches

These solar powered lanterns make an impression with their flickering flames and provide light all night long. A lightweight and useful gift for RVers!  

Best Gifts For the Camp Cook

Nesting Bowls

Talk about space saving! Two bowls, a colander, a sieve and measuring cups that all fit together! Perfect for RVs. Plus they’re super cute.

Camper Tea Towels

Adorable, useful and lightweight!

Omnia Stove Top Oven – Wonder Pot

For easy oven meals on the stove top indoors and out, or for those RVers that don’t have an oven.

Campfire Cast Iron Cooker & Broiler

Hot sandwiches, calzones or hobo pies cooked over the campfire. Yum! Even better, get a set and everyone can make their own creation.

Fun Gift for RV Owners to Keep Track of Their Travels

RV State Sticker Map

State sticker maps are a fun way to track (and show off) your RV travels. They’re a great conversation starter too.

For Clean Drinking Water Wherever You Are!

Grayl Water Purifying Bottle

Excellent for hikers and urban explorers alike! A Grayl Water Purifying Bottle ensures your RVer will always have safe drinking water no matter the situation.

Great Gifts For Entertainment on the Go

Kindle Reader

A Kindle let’s your RVer bring an entire library of books along for the adventure. The best part is it takes up almost no space and only weighs a few pounds. Plus, these days you can borrow e-books from your public library from anywhere.

Amazon Fire HD

Another useful gadget to bring along RVing, the Fire lets you watch movies, listen to music, zoom with your friends and more. Even better, it’s ideal for travel books with lots of photos.

Travel Scrabble

Games are always fun! This Travel Scrabble set has letters that snap into place so you can start and stop your game whenever you want. We’ve started Scrabble games in one state and finished them in another!

For Those Days You Just Don’t Want to Cook

Restaurant Gift Cards

Let’s face it, some days you just don’t feel like cooking and want something easy. A quick lunch on the road is always helpful too. Restaurant gift cards are perfect for this. Hey , you know your RVer, why not put together a few of their favorites.

Gifts For Shopping at Easy Overnight Stops on the Road

Gift Cards for Stores That Allow Overnight RV Parking

While Walmart is well known for allowing RVers to spend the night in their parking lots, Cracker Barrel and Bass Pro or Cabela’s often allow overnight RV parking too! With a gift card in hand, your RVers can go shopping while they spend a night for free!

Still Can’t Decide What to Gift Your RV Owner?

RV Sewiepig Sewer Hose Holder

Does your they have a good sense of humor? Meet SewiePig, part gag gift, part useful RV accessory. It slips right over the end of your RV sewer hose and holds it in place so it can’t slip out while you empty your tanks.

DIY Gift Card Variety Pack

Why not put together a gift card variety pack? Amazon’s most popular gift cards is good place to start. Amazon lockers popping up just about everywhere, so it’s easy to pick up whatever you need.

Amazon Gift Card

Even More Ideas

Check out our 50+ Favorite RV Accessories (after almost 10 years of RVing) for even more ideas!

Well. that’s it for now. Hopefully you found the perfect gift for every RV owner in your life. Thanks for stopping by!

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