Good Sam Club Membership – Is It Worth It?

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What is the Good Sam Club?

The Good Sam Club is a RV camping membership club offering discounts on a wide variety of camping related products and services. At a glance, the discounts may seem small but, from experience, I can tell you they definitely add up over a year. Plus, this is an inexpensive membership – over the past 9 years it has saved us money every single year.

What are the Good Sam CLub Discounts and how much can I save?

10% off of over 2400 campgrounds & RV Resorts

That is a lot of campgrounds! So, it is easy to find a place to camp where you can use your Good Sam Club discount. Let’s look a little closer, if the average nightly rate for a campground is $35 you’ll save $3.50 every night you stay. At that rate, the membership pays for itself in 9 nights. And that is even if you don’t use any of the other discounts!

Save 5 cents per gallon on gas and 8 cents per gallon on diesel at Flying J and Pilot

OK, as a full time RVer I can tell you that gas can really add up. We use this discount all the time. Flying J & Pilot stations are pretty much everywhere so this is another discount that is very easy to use. Here are all of the Pilot and Flying J locations that offer this discount. Apparently there are a few that do not but we have never found one.

Also, because they are truck stops, they tend to be large so you have room to pull in with your RV. A lot of them actually have RV specific gas pumps! As an added bonus, often you can dry camp for the night as well.

How much can you save with the Good Sam Club gas/diesel discount? Of course this will depend on your travel style and RV. Our gas tank is 30 gallons so every time we fill up we save $1.50. So it takes us about 19 fill ups to pay for the membership in savings. If we had a 30 gallon diesel tank we would save $2.40 per fill up and pay for the membership in about 12 fill ups.

10% off at Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoors, plus free shipping for orders over $49

Lately I have been pleasantly surprised to find that Camping World has the best prices I have found. This is on both some RV items that we use on a regular basis and also on some of our one time purchases like the Little Red Campfire. Needless to say, I check their web site a lot more often than I used to. A word of caution though, their shipping is not as fast as it could be and we try to plan our orders carefully if we are traveling.

I have to say that I enjoy browsing the stores and being able to actually see and touch the items I am considering. I can really get an idea of the size and quality of an item when I see it in person.

Good Sam Club Propane Savings
15% off at Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoors
5 cents off per gallon at Flying J and Pilot

This is another great discount for RVers. We don’t go out of our way for the propane discount but it is definitely convenient to fill our propane tanks at a Flying J or Pilot on a travel day when we need to stop for gas anyhow.

Free dump service at select Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoors locations

This is not a benefit that we use often but it’s always good to have another free option for dumping your tanks. Plus, it is a great time to browse the store and check out new RV accessories in person.

Find the Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoors that offer propane and dump stations.

25% off Good Sam Mail Service

Good Sam Mail Service has addresses in Florida which can be used both for mail forwarding and to establish residency in Florida for full time RVers.

We have not personally used the Good Sam mail service so I can’t tell you much more about it but it is an option you should be aware of. Quite a few full time RVers use Florida as their domicile state.

Other discounts & benefits

  • 20% off live bait, plus free line winding, knife sharpening & firearm diagnostics at Gander RV & Outdoors
  • RV Consumer Advocacy Action Line
  • VIP Assistance with Roadside Assistance & TravelAssist
  • Member Only Specials at Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoors
  • Extended return policy at Camping World, Overtons & Gander RV & Outdoors. Return any unopened unused item at any time.
  • Monthly Coupons
  • Annual Multi-Point RV Inspection
  • Save $10 on the hourly service rate at Camping World SuperCenters


$29 per year
$50 for 2 years Get a $15 merchandise certificate for Camping World, Gander RV & Outdoors and Overtons
$79 for 3 years Get a $30 merchandise certificate for Camping World, Gander RV & Outdoors and Overtons

We like the two year membership for $50. After you account for the $15 dollar merchandise certificate, the membership will cost you $35 or $17.50 per year!

How do I join the Good Sam Club?

Easy, head over to the Good Sam Club and sign up. You can also join in person at any Camping World location.

Is the Good Sam Club Membership worth it?

Yes, the Good Sam Club membership is definitely worth it. Good Sam is a solid discount club that you can use for a variety of RV related savings. Of course, like anything, it only works if you use it. We have been members since 2012 and the membership has saved us money every single year. So, if you plan to use the camping discount a few times a year, fill up at Pilot or Flying J a few times a year and buy something at Camping World or Gander RV & Outdoors once in a while, you will get your money’s worth with the Good Sam Club.

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