Little Red Campfire – Portable Propane Fire Pit Review

little red campfire review

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I love real, smoky wood campfires – building them, tossing on new logs, sitting around them, and yes, even the smoke.  So, I never thought I would be a fan of a propane fire pit.  As it turns out, I love propane fire pits too!  

Propane fire pits are easy! You just connect the hose, turn it on and gather around the campfire. No need to gather wood and build a fire or to make sure that your fire is completely out before you head inside.

As full-time RVers we wanted a propane fire pit that was small and easily transportable. The Little Red Campfire fit the bill perfectly. At 13x13x9.8 inches it fits easily in our hutch for travel. A sturdy cover fits over the top of the campfire and latches in place. The propane hose wraps around the base of the fit pit so it is tucked away inside for transport too. It is very easy to carry the whole fire pit by the handle on top.

Advantages of a propane fire pit

  • No need to bring, find or purchase wood.
  • Can still have a campfire (in most areas) when there is a fire ban.
  • Easy – just turn it on and off.
  • Propane is easy to find, cheaper than wood and we already use it for our BBQ.
  • Campfire ambiance without the effort.
  • Clean – no smoke or ash.

Little Red Campfire by Camco

I really want to love the Little Red Campfire. In reality though, I have decidedly mixed feelings about it. One minute I love and the next not so much. Draw you own conclusion from the pros and cons below.

I do have to say that since we got the Little Red Campfire we spend a lot more time sitting outside around the fire. In fact, despite it’s issues, it is quickly becoming one of our most used RV accessories. We love being able to just turn it on and hang out even if we don’t have much time.

What we love

  • Small – great size for RVers.
  • Cover slips over the top and latches securely so that the entire campfire, including the propane hose is easy to carry in one enclosed piece. No loose pieces.
  • Very easy to use. Connect the hose and turn it on.
  • Adjustable flame – simple to turn up and down.
  • Creates enough heat to keep us warm on a chilly evening.
  • Connects to a propane tank with an ACME fitting. (Like the 20 pound tanks used for grills.)
  • 8 foot hose is long enough to keep the propane tank out of the way while using the fire pit.
  • Sturdy base – fire pit is very stable.

What we don’t

  • Small – while we love the size in terms of portability and ease to store, the fire feels small when there are more than a few people around it.
  • No built in lighter.
  • Our 4.25 pound propane tank is not quite large enough to keep up with the fire pit and our grill. An 11 pound tank would be a better choice for traveling RVers. *
  • Can’t quite replace a real wood fire. No crackling logs or smoke.
  • Intermittent chemical smell from “fire logs”.
  • Fire ring rusted after being left out in the rain for one night so I am not sure how it would fare in a humid climate. What can I say, I forgot about it:(

*If you are thinking about a propane fire pit and are not sure what size tank you need (or how long the propane tank you already have will run the fire pit) you can use our Propane Usage and Tank Size Calculator to find out. You can use it to find out how long a grill or other propane appliance will run too!

Details and Specs

  • Maximum BTU output of 65,000 BTU/HR
  • 9.5-inch diameter ring burner
  • 11.25″ fire tray diameter
  • 9.8 x 13 x 13 inches with lid on
  • 15.60 pounds
  • 8 foot propane hose

What you’ll need to go with your propane fire pit

Of course, you’ll need a propane tank to power your Little Red Campfire. If you already have one for your BBQ you’re all set.

We already had a 4.25 lb. refillable propane tank for our grill and we love it because it is small enough to handle easily around the campsite. While it holds plenty of propane for the grill, it only lasts about 3 hours for the fire pit on a medium-ish setting. We are thinking about upgrading to the 11 lb. refillable propane tank (which holds about three times as much propane). I think it is a better size to use for both the fire pit and a grill. We already carry two 30 lb tanks on our RV so at the moment we use one of the 30 lb. tanks if we want to run the campfire for a long period of time.

Would we buy it again?

Maybe. It is a hard question, there is a lot we like about it along with some things we don’t. The Outland Firebowl 870 was our second choice and I might consider it next time. With a 10 foot hose and cover/carry kit for transport, it is mostly self contained. At 24.5 pounds it is a little heavier and a little bigger at 19x19x11. It also has an auto-ignition and a 58000 BTU rating, so, on high it will use a little less propane.

Despite having mixed feelings about the Little Red Campfire I’m glad we finally got one. We have considered a propane fire pit for years. It is a great addition to our RV campsite and we enjoy chilling out around the fire. For the record though, I do still love real smoky wood campfires!

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