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towing home

We’ve been full time RVers since 2012.  127,000 miles and 45 states later, we are still towing our home around the United States.

We went from almost 2000 square feet to 231 – we got wheels instead of space.  All the comforts of home come right along with us as we seek out new adventures and experiences!

It’s never been our intention to go to every national park or hit all of the tourist destinations along the way.  We’re modern day nomads, exploring the country, poking around tiny towns and big cities as we go.  Often we just enjoy our ever-changing backyard.  

On TowingHome we share what we have learned along the way; what we love (and what we don’t) about the RV lifestyle, tips and tricks, our favorite campgrounds, places and gear.  

We hope that it makes your journey a little bit easier. Hopefully we’ll see you somewhere down the road.

Join the journey!

Towing Home

I’ve looked out my door and seen spouting whales and a temperate rainforest.
Traveled super highways and winding dirt roads.
Slept under a billboard beneath big city lights and next to a roaring river among towering pines.

Seen sunrise over the Atlantic and sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

Stopped for lunch on a bluff overlooking the crashing surf of the Pacific.
Absorbed the sounds of city streets and passing traffic on the freeway.
Been lulled to sleep by the sound of waves and swaying palm trees.
Heard howling coyotes and mooing cows and owls in the dark of night somewhere beyond the light of the campfire.

Explored the forgotten places, the bones of towns that used to be.  
Followed the footsteps of history, Lewis & Clark, the Trail of Tears, Kerouac.  
Wandered the battlefields of the Civil War.  
Watched the boats passing by on the Mississippi.  

Rambled along among the relics of roadside America.
Driven mountain switchbacks and flat roads that disappear into the horizon.  
Marveled at the astounding blue of the Great Lakes.  
Stopped in traffic caused by crossing buffalo.

America is my home, all of it.  
From the snow covered mountains to the vast expanse of the Great Plains.
From trickling streams to desert washes.  
Clear blue skies to tornado green. 
Cornfields to Joshua trees.
Rolling green hills to sweeping vistas.  
Towering redwoods to quaking aspen.   

It’s all outside my door.  
All there to explore.  

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