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Passport America is a discount camping club offering 50% off of almost 1600 campgrounds. 

At $44 per year, it pays for itself in the first few nights you use it.

For example, if the regular nightly rate at a park is $40 and you pay $20 with your Passport America discount, you’ll save $20 every night you stay.  In three nights you save $60 so you’ve covered the cost of the membership and then some.

What we think

Gotta have it!  

If you are a full time RVer or going on an extended road trip it is absolutely worth joining Passport America. We’ve been full time RVing since 2012 and it has definitely saved us a lot of money.

About the Passport America campgrounds

There is quite a range.  Some of the campgrounds are great, in prime locations or RV resorts with tons of amenities.  Some of them are quite a bit more basic or in more out of the way locations.   

Finding a park is easy using either the map based search on the Passport America website or on their app.

Once you’ve found a park, read the reviews at Campground Reviews and Campendium.

How to make a reservation

Call the campground you are planning to visit and check on availability.  There is no centralized booking, mostly you make a reservation just as you normally would and let them know you would like the Passport America membership rate.  

Often, we don’t even make a reservation when we call. We just make sure that they have availability and book the site when we arrive.


Each member RV park is different.  The Passport America membership camping rate may only be available Sun-Thurs or during off season.  These restrictions are clearly listed on the Passport America website for each campground so head on over, select the campground you are interested in visiting and read their listing for the details.  

How to join

If you’re interested please follow this link to Passport America to join. We’ll get a small commission to help support this blog and it won’t cost you anything extra.  

How we use Passport America

Visiting an area for a few days or more

We always check to see if there is a Passport America campground nearby.   

This works very well if you can schedule a stop in an area in the shoulder season or midweek.   

On the road traveling from one location to another

When we are traveling we really just want an inexpensive and convenient overnight stop, preferably with full hookups and we try to use Passport America campgrounds for this as much as possible.  

Here’s exactly how we use our Passport America membership on the road

  • As we map our route, we use the Passport America website or app to find member campgrounds in the rough area that we want to spend the night and check the restrictions to make sure that the discount is applicable the night we will be there.
  • Then we take a look at the reviews of the campground.  If the reviews look good, we drop a pin so that we can easily find the campground and take a look at the satellite view and street view.  You can get a lot of information from satellite and street views.    
  • Next we check the data service map for our mobile hotspots.

We choose several potential campgrounds within an hour or two range along the route we will be traveling.  If we make great time we’ll go to the furthest one on the list.  If the weather takes a turn for the worse we will stop at one of the pre-selected campgrounds earlier along the route.  

Having multiple choices for overnight stops planned make travel days much less stressful. The more easy choices the better!  

Normally, I will call the RV park directly early in the day and verify that they have available space at the Passport America membership rate.  We almost never make reservations while we are on the road.   That said, we also always have a pretty good idea of the overnight options on our routes. 

A real life example – using our membership on a travel day

Traveling north from Southern California on the I-5, we selected two possible overnight stop options on our route about 50 miles apart.  

Overnight option one:
Kit Fox RV Park, Patterson, CA
Right off the I-5, good reviews on Campground Reviews, Passport America rate accepted on weekends.
Regular rate $45-$48, Passport America rate $22.50 – $24

Overnight option two:
Flagg City RV Resort, Lodi, CA
Easy in easy out, large paved pull thru site with no need to unhook, right off the I-5, great reviews at Campground Reviews. Rate valid on weekends.  
More expensive than a lot of the member parks we have stayed at but it was the right place at the right time.  
Regular rate $65, Passport America Rate $32.50

As we approached our first option for the night, Kit Fox RV Park, it was still early in the day and the weather was perfect so we decided we could easily travel another 50 miles. We continued down the road to the second option, Flagg City RV Resort.  

Perfect, exactly what we need after a long day on the road!  

Hopefully this review helps you to understand a little bit more about the Passport America membership and how it works. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line. Hope to see you somewhere down the road. 

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Passport America Membership - Is It Worth It?
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