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One of the first things you’ll need for your RV, is a sewer hose kit. Dumping your waste tanks is just part of RV life, I know it sounds gross but it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. That said, the RV sewer connection is one area where you definitely want to have the right tools for the job.

After almost 10 years of full time RVing, we’ve seen just about every kind of RV sewer hookup out there. So here are our recommendations for a basic RV sewer kit, along with the best upgraded fittings, adapters and accessories. And of course, what each one is used for. Let’s take a look.

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RV Sewer Hose Kits

Basic Kit

This is a good starter RV sewer hose kit that works well for dump stations and most RV campsites. It includes:

  • A 20 foot sewer hose (two 10 foot sections) with a clear elbow, a 4 in 1 adapter and 4 storage caps.
  • Black tank flush hose. Don’t use your fresh water hose.
  • Hose supports to ensure your sewer run is angled downhill at a campground.
  • Disposable gloves.

RV Sewer Hose Kit Upgrades – Adapters, Fittings & Accessories

Planning on full time RVing or doing a lot of camping? You’ll want to add some upgraded RV sewer fittings, adapters and accessories to your kit so you can easily hookup in every situation. For example, if the campground septic connection is far away or doesn’t have threads to screw into.

Let’s take a look at a few great RV sewer hose kit upgrades. We use every one of them on a regular basis!

Extra 10 foot sewer hose section

It’s a good idea to keep a sewer hose extension on hand so that you can hook up even if the campground hookup is far away from your rig. You may not need this often, but when you do, you’ll be happy to have it!

Add-on gate valve

Make sure that no surprise liquids escape when you remove your sewer outlet cap! Because… yuck! Just connect the add-on gate valve right to your existing sewer outlet and leave it there. These are also a quick and easy way to “fix” a leaky black or grey gate valve.

Clear extension for RV tank outlet

While this isn’t a necessary RV sewer fitting, it sure does make it easier to see what is going on when emptying and flushing your tanks. Conveniently, you can just leave it attached to the add on gate valve and put the sewer cap right on the extension. We use a clear extender along with a clear elbow adapter for full visibility at both ends of our sewer hose.

Flexible fitting sewer adapter hose seal

This thing is awesome! The flexible fitting adapter makes it easy to connect to a campground connection that is stripped or at an awkward angle. It’s made of flexible rubber with a little “give” so that it can be securely attached without threads.

Extension for recessed hookup

Some campground hookups are so recessed (almost like they sit at the bottom of a bowl) that it is nearly impossible to connect to them without an adapter to lift your sewer hose. With this handy extension tube, hooking up is easy – totally worth it to avoid mucking around with the connection for an extended length of time.

Extra gaskets

Eventually, the gaskets that keep your sewer hose sealed will wear out. We keep a few on hand, so that we have them when we need them. They’re small and lightweight and easy to store.

RV sewer connection wrench

While we do have one of these, honestly, we don’t use it all that often. That said, if you find it difficult to attach or detach your sewer fittings it is a very handy tool, the extra torque makes turning the connections a breeze.

Sewer fitting storage bin

Choose a good strong leak proof bin to store all of your fittings and adapters. We’ve been using the same Rubbermaid 8 gallon Action Packer for our sewer accessories for almost 10 years now.

Portable RV waste tank (aka blue boy)

Another great RV sewer kit upgrade is a portable waste tank. Yes, you can empty your tanks when you don’t have a full hookup site. Basically, you dump your tanks into the blue boy and then drive it to the dump station. Whether or not you want one is going to depend entirely on your RVing style. They are extremely handy and available in a range of sizes. On the other hand, they are also large to store and it can be a process to empty your tanks.

Which RV sewer fittings, adapters and accessories will you use?

Now you have a good idea of all the different fittings and accessories you can add to your RV sewer hose kit. Consider how often you will be RVing and what will work best for you. You can absolutely get by with the basic kit (in most situations). However, the upgraded fittings and adapters can save you a lot of time and effort hooking up your RV sewer connections.

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RV Sewer Hose Kit: Everything You Need & Best Upgrades
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