RV Trip Wizard: 16 Reasons We Love It

rv trip wizard 16 reasons we love it

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RV Trip Wizard is hands down the best RV trip planner we have found. That’s why, after 10 years of using Google maps and various campground review sites to plan our travels, we’ve switched to RV Trip Wizard for all of our trip planning. In a nutshell, RV Trip Wizard is a visual map based travel planner that incorporates all of the planning, routing and researching tools required to plan a successful RV trip. As a result, everything you need is at your fingertips as you plan your trip, it’s easier, faster and better! And boy has it saved us a lot of time.

Let’s get this show on the road and take a look.

RV Trip Wizard: 16 Reasons We Love It for Trip Planning

RV Trip Wizard makes planning a road trip easy and fast.

First and foremost, RV Trip Wizard is easy to use and includes all the tools needed to plan an epic road trip – from mapping RV-safe routes to finding the best campgrounds along the way. Now I can plan an entire trip in one place instead of jumping from one app for mapping, switching to another for campground reviews and yet another to find fuel prices or membership parks. It’s so much simpler.

Even better, you can add unlimited stops to each trip – perfect for full time RVers or planning a cross country road trip.

RV-safe route planner is based on your RV’s size and weight.

Relax and enjoy the journey! RV Trip Wizard plans an RV-safe route tailored to the size and weight of your rig so you don’t need to worry about low bridges or steep grades. That said, despite using an RV GPS I cross check my route with the Mountain Directory when we travel through mountainous terrain because the detailed descriptions of the grades let us know exactly what to expect on the road.

Customize your daily driving distance preferences to see where your next stop should be at a glance.

rv trip wizard driving radius overlay on map
Starting a trip route. Circles show where to look for the first stop.

Let’s say you like to drive around 200 miles per day. Simply set your preferred minimum, optimal and maximum daily driving distance. Then, as you plan, RV Trip Wizard will draw rings on the map to show where your next stop should be. Even better, you can set it as the crow flies or to actual driving distance.

RV Trip Wizard makes it simple to find and prioritize your RV membership campgrounds (and save more money).

One of the big reasons we all join RV membership clubs is for the savings. RV Trip Wizard lets you filter for specific membership clubs and rank your memberships so that you can use the ones that save you the most money.

See campground info, ratings and reviews from within the map as you plan your road trip.

This is another incredibly useful feature. It only takes a second to click an RV park on the map and see exactly how it is rated. You can even set the filters to show only highly rated campgrounds. The integrated reviews are from RVLIFE Campground Reviews which has been our go-to RV park review site for years.

Additional useful info in the park information box includes: campground membership affiliations, a satellite map link, cell data availability, and average temperatures. 

RV Trip Wizard estimates your costs as you plan.

Planning RV road trips is fun! Calculating how much to budget, not so much. Now I can enjoy planning and let RV Trip Wizard estimate the cost for me. Awesome!

Easily customize your RV trip based on your own travel preferences.

The filters make it simple (and fast) to find campgrounds that meet your needs without having to wade through info on park after park that doesn’t offer what you are looking for.

  • Want full hookups? Set the filters to only show campgrounds that have full hookup sites.
  • Have a pet along for the ride? Show only pet friendly campgrounds.
  • Need to have a playground? Filter by RV parks with playgrounds.

Export or share your RV trip route and itinerary to GPS, email, Excel or Google maps.

Once you’ve planned your perfect RV road trip, you can export your route to GPS or Google maps. The email option includes a day by day itinerary with all the campground contact info, map location links and any notes you have added for each stop. Even better, you can send your itinerary to your friends or even share a link to the full route map.

RV Trip Wizard shows you road grades and elevations along your route.

rv trip wizard map road grade
RV trip route showing road grade. Hovering mouse over elevation chart locates grade on map.

This is one of my favorite features and one that can be critical for RVers. When you’re driving a large RV you definitely want to be aware of any steep grades you may encounter.

Drive time is calculated according to the travel speed you specify.

It’s no secret that RVs are not built for speed. In fact, between rest stops, detours and just a slow driving speed we average around 40 mph when we travel. When Google maps says we’ll be there in three hours I just laugh. RV Trip Wizard lets you set your average miles per hour and estimates drive time accordingly. Now I actually know how long each drive will take based on our driving speed. Pretty handy right?

RV Trip Wizard saves a ton of time.

It’s amazing how much time RV Trip Wizard saves. From seeing where your next stop should be on the map, to filtering for campground amenities, to seeing campground reviews and routing an RV-safe route, it drastically reduces the number of steps required for planning a trip.

Find the cheapest gas stops from the map as you travel.

Another money saving feature! To see current gas prices at each gas station near your route, simply right click on the map and click Check Fuel Prices. Now you know the cheapest places to get gas so you can save more money!

RV Trip Wizard makes a great RV travel log.

At the beginning of each year, we start a new trip to track our RV travels. I add each stop and make notes about what we liked and what we didn’t. At the end of the year, we have a day by day log of our travels along with a map of our route showing each stop and any notes we added. I like how it works so much that I’ve gone back and made a yearly RV Trip Wizard travel log for each year since 2012 when we started RVing full time.

Access your itinerary from anywhere with the web based app and cloud trip route storage.

RV Trip Wizard is web based. There’s no need to install an app or save your routes locally. Simply log on from any web browser to access all of your trips.

Add custom stops to your trip.

Have a super secret boondocking spot or a favorite Harvest Hosts location that you want to add to your route? Next destination moochdocking at a friends? Simply create a custom stop on the map.

Find RV related Points of Interest along your route.

Of course, sometimes you’ll want to know where the local Camping World is. Maybe you’re looking for rest stops. Or a Flying J. RV Trip Wizard has over 57000 Points of Interest so you can easily filter and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Want to try RV Trip Wizard yourself?

Good news, there is a free 7 day trial so you can check out all the cool features and make sure that it is right for you. For us, it makes travel planning so much easier and faster that it is definitely worth the $65 per year. After all, as full time RVers, we plan a lot of trips.

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed. See you somewhere down the road!

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