Thousand Trails Campgrounds Road Trip (Chase the 70s!)

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Thousand Trails campgrounds RV road trip! Weather in the 70s all year! Not a single nightly camping fee!

Our journey explores the east coast from northern Maine to Florida – staying at Thousand Trails campgrounds and Trails Collection parks the entire time.  The best part is, we follow the weather, chasing temperatures in the 70s the whole way!  Sounds good right? Sounds perfect to me. Even better, it was easy to plan with RV Trip Wizard!

Here’s how to make it happen with your Thousand Trails membership.

Chasing the 70s – Thousand Trails RV Road Trip Route

I’ve shared the full itinerary on RV Trip Wizard so that you can see the detailed interactive road trip map with each of the Thousand Trails campgrounds, the route and the mileage details.

The road trip is designed for an upgraded Thousand Trails membership with the Trails Collection add-on. This type of membership allows you to travel from park to park within the Thousand Trails system. The itinerary should give you a good idea of how to get the most out of your Thousand Trails membership – even if you want to plan a completely different trip. If you have a Camping Pass you can follow along and choose your favorite Thousand Trails campgrounds to visit on the route.

New to Thousand Trails? Check out our guide to Thousand Trails for everything you need to know about the membership options available.

Let’s get started and hit the road!

Late Fall – Explore the Southeast

Early October – Blue Ridge Parkway & the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Thousand Trails Campground: Green Mountain RV Park

For our first stop, we’ll spend three weeks at the Thousand Trails campground, Green Mountain RV Park in Lenoir NC. With an average high of 72 degrees and an average low of 46 degrees fall is lovely in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Local Highlights: The nearby town of Blowing Rock (20 miles) sits right on the Blue Ridge Parkway and makes a great starting point for a spectacular scenic drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains. To get you started, here are some ideas for touring the parkway from Blowing Rock. Asheville is doable for the intrepid traveler at 75 miles away.

Bucket List RV Road Trip Detour: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is about 150 miles from Lenoir so if it’s on your RV bucket list this is a great time to take a detour.

One of my favorite tricks for travel planning is to read one of the many of the Lonely Planet Travel Guides that are part of my Kindle Unlimited subscription. Any notes or highlights you make while reading a Kindle Unlimited book remain in your Amazon account even after you have returned the book.

Once you’ve read a Kindle book and highlighted your favorite parts, you’ll have your own personalized travel wish-list easily available to you anytime. Here are all the details directly from Amazon. There’s a free Kindle Unlimited trial if you want to try it for yourself. I’ll include links to the relevant Lonely Planet Kindle Unlimited travel guides in each section of this trip.

Late October / Early November – South Carolina, Savannah & Hilton Head

Thousand Trails Campground: The Oaks at Point South

As the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to make our way a little further south. Our home base for the next three weeks is The Oaks at Point South RV in Yemassee, SC. This Thousand Trails campground is conveniently located just off I-95, and has 80 plus full hookup pull through sites. Even better, it is under an hour from both Savannah and Hilton Head! Charleston, SC is a little further at about 60 miles away.

This time of year, Yemassee, SC has an average high of 75 and an average low of 46 and just 5 days of rain over a month.

Driving distance from Green Mountain RV Park to The Oaks at Point South RV is roughly 275 miles.

Local Highlights: Savannah, Hilton Head, Tybee Island, Charleston.

Tip: This park is a great place to spend a night or two if you are taking Route 95 to or from Florida for the winter.

Mid to Late November – Florida’s Space Coast

Space Coast RV Resort: Trails Collection

November is a great time to explore Florida before all the snowbirds arrive. It’s easy to make reservations and nothing is too busy yet. Enjoy Florida without the crowds! Northern Florida average highs in November are in the upper 70s and lows in the 50s or 60s.

We’ll start with a two week stay at the Space Coast RV Resort (Trails Collection) in Rockledge, FL. This leg is a longer drive at 333 miles. If that’s too far Bulow RV Resort (Trails Collection) is a little bit closer at 250 miles. St Augustine and Fort Clinch are also fun stops although there are no Thousand Trails parks.

Local Highlights: Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center. You might even catch a launch! Miles of undeveloped coastline at Cape Canaveral National Seashore. Jetty Park. Sunrise over the Atlantic.

Note: If you have a Thousand Trails Adventure membership that allows you to go park to park in Trails Collection parks, just choose your favorite Florida destinations and carry on! For this road trip, we’ll be going from Thousand Trails campgrounds to Trails Collection parks because most memberships can not go directly from a Trails Collection park to a Trails Collection park.

Winter – Meander Through Florida

Beyond the draw of balmy winter weather in the Sunshine state, there is something for everyone. From pristine white sand beaches and old-style Florida seaside cafes, to artist colonies and cultural gems, to unspoiled wilderness and your choice of outdoor sports. Take your time and stay a while, it’s cold up north.

A word about Florida in the winter. It’s busy! Everyone wants to spend the winter in the sun.

If you want to use your Thousand Trails membership to snowbird, but don’t want to move every two weeks or compete for available RV spots, consider Texas for the winter. There are no high use parks so you’ll be able to stay at Thousand Trails campgrounds for three weeks at a time and it’s much easier to make reservations. Usually, the winter temperatures are fairly mild but they can definitely have cold snaps and (rarely) even winter storms.

December – Orlando

Orlando RV Resort: Thousand Trails Campground

At this point, we’re heading 76 miles inland to Orlando for the last few days of November and into December. First up, is the Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort for three weeks. This is a huge park with all full hookup sites, two pools and loads of amenities. What’s more, they just built a whole section of brand new paved full hookup 50 amp RV sites! And of course, it’s near Disney.

Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort: Trails Collection

Next, we’ll stick around the Orlando area and hop over to the Trails Collection, Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort for two weeks in late December. It’s just a 20 mile drive away.

Average December highs in Orlando are about 73 degrees with lows around 52 degrees.

Local highlights: Theme park wonderland: Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studios. SeaWorld. Water parks. Take your pick.

Toll Roads in Florida: There are a lot of toll roads in Florida, particularly around Orlando. While you might be able to avoid them, often they are the easiest and fastest way to get where you are going.

The tolls are much cheaper when you pay by transponder. You’ll either want to pick up a SunPass transponder or make sure that the transponder you already have will work in Florida. All the details for ordering or determining which passes will work can be found at the SunPass website.

New Years Eve / Early January

Three Flags RV Resort: Thousand Trails Campground

Three Flags RV Resort in Wildwood Florida, about 30 miles down the road, is our New Year’s destination. This is another Thousand Trails campground with full hookup sites. We’ll only stay for two weeks this time because it is High Use season in Florida and most members are restricted to two week stays.

Average early January highs in Wildwood are 70 degrees with an average low of 45 degrees.

As soon as you check in to this reservation, you can make another High Use reservation. Do it ASAP.

About Thousand Trails High Use Reservations: During peak season specific Thousand Trails campgrounds are considered “High Use”. This means two things. First, all stays at High Use parks are limited to 14 nights. Second, you can only have two High Use reservations on the books at a time. This is actually a good thing because it gives all members a chance to use the popular parks in season.

All three Florida Thousand Trails campgrounds have a High Use period every winter. It generally runs from December 15th to April 1st. Trails Collection parks do not currently have High Use restrictions.

Check out our Guide to Thousand Trails for everything you need to know about how the memberships work.

Late January – Gulf Coast

Gulf View RV Resort: Trails Collection

For the final two weeks of January, we’ll head to a Trails Collection park, Gulf View RV Resort in Punta Gorda. Or just choose one of the other Trails Collection parks in the area, there are quite a few.

Average High: 75 degrees
Average Low: 51 degrees

Local Highlights: Sarasota, Sanibel Island, Englewood Beach, Venice and Fort Myers are all within an hours drive. And of course, the beaches.

Another option for the last two weeks of January: Royal Coachmen RV Resort near Sarasota. This is one of the Trails Collection parks that charges $20 per night for members. I like the area and it’s totally worth it to me. Make sure to check out Sarasota, the beach and the Sunday sunset drum circle at Siesta Key.

Local Highlights: Siesta Key and Siesta Key Beach, the Ringling Museum, Sarasota Downtown Farmers Market, Towles Court Artist Colony, Sarasota Opera House.

Early February – Peace River

Peace River RV & Camping Resort: Thousand Trails Campground

At the tail end of January we’ll travel 50 miles inland to the Thousand Trails Peace River RV & Camping Resort. During our two week stay, average highs reach 76 degrees and average lows are around 50 degrees.

Be aware that throughout High Use season at Peace River, you’ll start out at a partial hookup site and then use a lottery system to move into a full hookup site. Honey wagon service ($) is available if you prefer to just stay put with water and electric. If you’d rather just check in to a full hookup site off the bat, go to one of the other Thousand Trail campgrounds (Orlando or Three Flags) instead.

Mid to Late February – Crystal River or The Florida Keys

RV Travelers’ choice. Go to Crystal River where you can swim with the Manatees or make a beeline for the Keys. Hey, if you liked your early January Gulf Coast park choice, you could even head back for another two weeks!

Crystal Isles RV Resort: Trails Collection

Crystal Isles RV Resort in Crystal River is another Trails Collection selection and if you’re so inclined you might even want to swim with the Manatees. It’s about 144 miles from Peace River. Crystal River in mid February has average highs around 73 degrees and average lows around 46 degrees.

Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina or Fiesta Key RV Resort: Trails Collection

Bucket List RV Road Trip Detour: The Florida Keys
There are two Trails Collection Parks on the Keys, and while they both charge $20 per night for members, it’s definitely worth it. You’re simply not going to find a cheaper place to stay in this area. They are popular parks and it can be difficult to get a reservation, this is snowbird season in Florida after all. Make your reservation as soon as you can with your membership.

Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina (Trails Collection, $20 fee per night.) is a great choice if the Keys is on your bucket list. Be aware, it is a bit of a haul at about 336 miles from Peace River. If you don’t like long driving days choose an overnight stop along the way. It’s located in Big Pine Key, 35 miles from Key West. Average high temperature: 76 degrees. Average low temperature: 65 degrees.

Fiesta Key RV Resort (Trails Collection, $20 fee per night.) is closer to the middle of the Keys at 68 miles from Key West and about 40 miles from Key Largo. It’s about 270 miles from Peace River. Average high temperature: 73 degrees. Average low temperature: 68 degrees.

End of February / Early March – RV Travelers’ Choice

Choose one of the Florida Thousand Trails campgrounds – pick your favorite.

Back to a Thousand Trails park for two weeks. All three Florida Thousand Trails campgrounds have averages highs in the upper 70s and average lows in the mid 50s this time of year. If you went to the Keys, Peace River will be the closest Thousand Trails park.

Mid March – Flagler Beach

Bulow RV Resort: Trails Collection

The weather will be starting to warm up in Florida shortly so we’ll start to make our way north. Our last two week stop in Florida will be Bulow RV Resort in Flagler Beach during mid March. Average high temperatures are about 75 degrees with averages low around 58 degrees.

Local Highlights:
In Flagler Beach you can pull right up and park alongside the miles of beach, check out the fishing pier and maybe have a snack at one of the nearby cafes.

The historic city of St Augustine is an easy day trip at just 38 miles north. Make sure to check out the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument and the Colonial Quarter. Daytona Beach is 25 miles to the south.

Spring – Coastal North Carolina, Inland Lakes & Historic Virginia

Late March / Early April – South Carolina

The Oaks at Point South: Thousand Trails Campground

It’s time to say goodbye to Florida for now and start our trek north for spring. Our next stop will be The Oaks at Point South for two weeks. If you missed anything the first time around, now’s your chance to visit. Average high: 79 degrees. Average low: 49 degrees.

Mid April – Southern Outer Banks, North Carolina’s Crystal Coast

Goose Creek RV & Camping Resort: Trails Collection

Mid April brings us to coastal North Carolina where we’ll stay at Goose Creek RV & Camping Resort (Trails Collection) in Newport, NC for two weeks. Explore the Crystal Coast and the Southern Outer Banks. This is still considered shoulder season here and is a great time to visit before the summer crowds arrive. Average highs are about 73 degrees and average lows around 53 degrees.

Local Highlights: Take a passenger or vehicle ferry to Cape Lookout. Beaufort NC. Fort Macon Beach Fishing Pier.

Bucket List RV Road Trip Detour: The Outer Banks and Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Note: If you decide to take this side trip, you’ll want to skip Lake Gaston and go directly to Chesapeake Bay after Cape Hatteras.

Late April – Inland North Carolina

Lake Gaston RV Resort: Thousand Trails Campground

Head inland 200 miles to Lake Gaston RV Resort in Littleton, NC. We’ll spend a week at this Thousand Trails campground that sits right on the shore of a 20,000 acre man made lake set between North Carolina and Virginia. The Trading Post sells burgers and snacks and has a sweet deck overlooking the lake.

While there are full hookup sites here, many are water and electric. Big rigs, be aware it may be somewhat difficult to navigate the park as there are many trees and it sits on a hillside – my advice is to call the park directly and determine suitability for your rig prior to booking.

Average highs this time of year are 75 degrees with lows around 46 degrees.

Tip: Lake Gaston RV Resort is another good stop over when traveling on Route 95 although the park is about 20 miles from the freeway exit in Roanoke Rapids.

Early May – Historic Coastal Virginia

Chesapeake Bay RV Resort: Thousand Trails Campground

A 150 mile drive brings us to the Chesapeake Bay RV Resort in Gloucester VA for the first two weeks of May. All RV sites are full hookup at this Thousand Trails campground located near the banks of the Piankatank River. Temperatures on average are in the low 70s on the high end and mid 50s on the low end.

Gloucester is where Pocohontas met (and saved) Captain John Smith. Nearby, the Colonial Parkway, a 23 mile national scenic byway with interpretive pullouts connects Virginia’s historic triangle of Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. (Don’t bring your RV on the Colonial Parkway, there are low clearances.)

When you’ve had your fill of history, poke around the coastal Virginia towns. Richmond is an hour away and would make a good day trip too. For amusement park fans, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA are close by.

A good alternative option for this week is the Williamsburg RV & Camping Resort. This Thousand Trails campground is under 30 minutes from Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown. Williamsburg is a few degrees warmer than Gloucester.

We usually skip DC on the way out by taking Route 234 (north of Dumfries, VA) to Route 66. Then, in Haymarket, VA we follow Route 15 north to Gettysburg. These are smaller roads but are not as hectic as the DC loop road.

Bucket List RV Road Trip Detour: If a visit to Washington DC is on your bucket list Cherry Hill Park in College Park, MD is a great way to do it. It’s a top notch RV park with all the amenities. Even better, they make it easy to do DC your way – there are multiple ways to get to DC directly from the campground. Another good bucket list detour is a visit to Shenandoah National Park & Skyline Drive.

Late May – Gettysburg

Drummer Boy Camping Resort: Trails Collection

As we continue our journey north, late May brings us to the Drummer Boy Camping Resort for two weeks. This Trails Collection campground is only 5 minutes from the Gettysburg National Military Park.

Gettysburg Farm RV Campground is another good option in the area. This Thousand Trails campground is set on a working farm and fun for kids and adults alike. Despite the name, it’s about half an hour from Gettysburg.

Highs here this time of year are about 73 degrees with lows around 50 degrees.

Summer – The Poconos & New England

See the detailed interactive road trip map with all the RV park stops, routes and mileage details.

Ah… quintessential summer, Cape Cod, New England beaches and seaside Maine Lobster shacks. Add in a good dose of American history from Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower to Paul Revere’s famous ride, the Old North Church and the USS Constitution.

Early June – The Poconos

Timothy Lake South: Thousand Trails Campground

It’s time to continue northward, next stop the Poconos. A 175 mile drive brings us to the Thousand Trails campground Timothy Lake South in East Stroudsburg PA for one week in late May/early June. Average highs run in the mid 70s and lows in the lower 50s. The Delaware Water Gap is just up the road. Stop at Dingman’s Ferry to see the waterfalls while you’re there. (Don’t bring your RV to Dingman’s Ferry, there is a low bridge.)

Note: We drive up to the Newburgh Beacon Bridge to cross the Hudson River in order to avoid the congestion around NYC and Route 95. The drive from Timothy Lake South to Gateway to Cape Cod is just over 300 miles on this route. If that’s too far, there are two casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, that have free overnight dry camping. Spend the night and walk to dinner. Foxwoods even has outlet shopping right onsite! Check out our guide to casino camping for more info.

Mid June – Massachusetts

Gateway to Cape Cod RV Campground: Thousand Trails Campground

Now that we’ve reached a cooler climate, we’ll spend the first three weeks of June at the Gateway to Cape Cod RV Campground. This Thousand Trails campground in Rochester, MA is close to both Cape Cod bridges and Plymouth. Cranberry bogs and roadside produce stands dot the area and you’ll notice the local architecture is very New England.

There is a lot to see here so take a minute to plan your visit. Head to Plymouth (16 miles) to see Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower and Plimoth Plantation, then grab a bite to eat at a waterfront seafood restaurant. Check out the stately mansions of Newport, RI (45 miles).

Boston is about 55 miles, plan on traffic. One of the Boston hop on hop off bus tours is a good bet. These tours allow you to get your bearings and check out the highlights without the stress of finding your way through Boston’s one way streets. Or, take it easy and just hit the beach.

Average June highs are about 77 degrees with lows around 56 degrees.

Tip: The LL Bean factory store is 10 minutes from the campground.

Late June / Early July – Cape Cod

Old Chatham RV Resort: Trails Collection

Next road trip stop, Old Chatham RV Resort in South Dennis, MA for two weeks at the end of June and early July. Catch a 4th of July fireworks display from the beach!

Cape Cod in the summertime. Beaches, biking, lighthouses, clam shacks & cool towns. The Frommer’s guide is a good place to start your planning. Average highs are in the upper 70s and lows in the mid 50s.

Martha’s Vineyard makes a great day trip from either Gateway to Cape Cod or Old Chatham RV Resort. Here’s a rundown on available ferry service. Nantucket is further offshore and a longer ferry ride.

July – Seaside Southern Maine

Moody Beach RV Resort: Thousand Trails Campground

Off to Maine for three weeks through the end of July. Think Maine lobster and quaint seaside towns.

Moody Beach RV Resort is a Thousand Trails campground in Wells, ME with all full hookup sites. It is a great base camp for exploring the area – and there is plenty to explore. The beach is close by – the campground shuttle will drop you off. The local trolley even stops right in front of the campground.

Beyond Wells, check out the coastal towns of Ogunquit, Kennebunkport and York. Portland, ME and Portsmouth, NH are both close by and make great day trips.

Average high: 75 degrees. Average low: 62 degrees.

It’s 155 to 200 miles from Old Chatham RV Resort to Moody Beach RV Resort depending on which route you take. We always take our RV on Route 495. Yes, it’s longer but it is a much easier drive. Route 93 through Boston is always congested and often just miles of traffic. Route 128/95 is better but still quite busy.

Early August – Down East Maine, Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park

Narrows Too RV Resort: Trails Collection

For the height (and heat) of summer we’ll travel 200 miles further north, and spend two weeks at Narrows Too RV Resort. This is a Trails Collection campground in Trenton, ME with all full hookup RV sites. While the rest of the country swelters, our average highs will be 78 degrees with an average low of 56 degrees.

Narrows Too is just across from Mt Desert Island and about 10 minutes from Acadia National Park. The town of Bar Harbor is 20 minutes from the campground. This time of year, the peak of Cadillac Mountain is the first place in the US the sunrise is visible. Fair warning, it’s high season here and often busy.

Late August – Southern Maine

Moody Beach RV Resort: Thousand Trails Campground

We’ll finish August with another three weeks at Moody Beach RV Resort. Summer is fleeting here and average highs are now 70 degrees and average lows 50 degrees. Now is your chance to catch anything you missed the first time around.

Bucket List RV Road Trip Detour: Salem. Beyond the witches and broomsticks, Salem is a small New England city steeped in the past. Arts, culture, history: Salem has it all, along with plenty of local pubs and cafes. Ferry service directly to Long Wharf in season makes it a great way to explore Boston too.

If Salem is on your bucket list, there is a small city RV park at Winter Island with water and electric hookups right on the harbor. Downtown is about 1.5 miles by bike or by foot. The Salem hop on hop off trolley even stops at the park! There is no dump station at the park, it is up the street and may be tight for big rigs.

Early Fall – New Hampshire & New York State

Early September – New Hampshire

Sandy Beach RV & Camping Resort: Trails Collection

Next, head inland 90 miles to Sandy Beach RV & Camping Resort in Contoocook, NH for two weeks to start September. You’ll notice Autumn rolling in and the leaves starting to show their fall colors. Average highs here will be around 70 degrees with lows around 46 degrees.

Late September – Hudson River Valley, NY

Rondout Valley RV Campground: Thousand Trails

Our final stop is the Hudson River Valley near the Catskills at the Thousand Trails Rondout Valley RV Campground in Accord NY, for the last two weeks of September. Average temperatures here are in the lower 70s on the high end and the mid 50s on the low end.

The Vanderbilt Mansion and FDR’s Hyde Park home are both about an hours drive. Frederick Church’s stunning hilltop home Olana is also about an hour away. For Hudson River Valley highlights check out Hudson River Valley’s top experiences from Lonely Planet. Make sure to stop at one of the rail car diners that still dot the area.

Thousand Trails RV Road Trip Notes

While you can absolutely follow this itinerary and spend a year in 70 degree weather with your Thousand Trails membership, we find that we get the most out of Thousand Trails when we use it in combination with other options. In other words, our membership allows us to save money by staying at Thousand Trails campgrounds when they are in areas we want to visit and to use them as jumping off points for bucket list destinations.

We tried to keep each driving day in the road trip manageable at around 200 miles. That said, there were a few stops where this wasn’t possible, so there are three legs that are just over 300 miles.

The Thousand Trails and Trails Collection campgrounds we selected on this route mostly have full hookup sites and good data service. Make sure to check your data carriers if network connectivity is important to you.

All of the road trip stops are set up to fall within the membership benefits for pretty much any Thousand Trails membership that lets you go from park to park for 21 days. The Trails Collection stops are scheduled between Thousand Trails campgrounds in order to maximize your stays in each area.


Can you really get all of these reservations with a Thousand Trails membership?

Yes! Our reservation window is 90 or 120 days depending on the campground. Over the past 6 years we have never had a problem booking Thousand Trails campgrounds as long as we do it ahead of time. The only place in the entire road trip that could be an issue is Florida in the winter. And, because almost all memberships are restricted to two Thousand Trails High Use reservations at a time, everyone gets a chance to visit the parks.

Can you get Trails Collection reservations in Florida in the winter?

Well, we have been able to get the Trails Collection reservations we wanted in the past. Sometimes we had to keep checking back and waiting for a spot to open up. This year, it’s a little bit harder to say.

First of all, there are a lot more RVers (and Thousand Trails members) on the road than in the past. It’s getting crowded out here!

Second, the new upgraded Trails Collection Plus (for Thousand Trails Adventure members) has a 90 day booking window and allows 21 day stays and park to park travel from Trails Collection to Trails Collection. Since there are only a limited number of Trails Collection sites at each park, the “regular” Trails Collection members with a 60 day booking window are at a disadvantage.

So, with Trails Collection Plus (Adventure) I think you’ll be able to make Trails Collection reservations through the winter as long as you do it 90 days out. For the “regular” Trails Collection members, while in the past I would have said yes, this year, maybe. Be flexible, be persistent and have a backup plan. We’re going to try it! Look for an updated report right here in the spring.

What to do if you want to have reservations before you head to Florida?

If you are concerned about getting a reservation during the high season or just don’t want to move every two weeks there are a few options.

  1. Consider the Thousand Trails Adventure membership. You’ll be able to book your Florida Thousand Trails High Use reservations (2 of them) 180 days in advance. Make sure to book your Trails Collection stays 90 days out for 21 nights each. At the time of this writing it is almost December so it’s too late for this year. The good news is you have plenty of time to consider it.
  2. Book a monthly RV site for January or February (or both). Then book your Thousand Trails reservations around it. Something like this: Trails Collection > Thousand Trails > Trails Collection > Monthly Site > Trails Collection > Thousand Trails
    That should be about 3 1/2 months which will take you through the winter and the Thousand Trails High Use season.
  3. Choose your favorite Florida locations or State Parks and fill in the gaps. These reservations need to be made way ahead of time – the booking window for Florida State Parks opens 11 months ahead of time! Hey, a Florida beachfront camping RV tour sounds like fun!

How do I plan an RV road trip?

RV Trip Wizard is hands down the best RV trip planner we have found. It includes everything you need to easily plan an awesome RV road trip that is customized to your travel style. From mapping an RV safe route to finding the best campgrounds and stops along the way. Plus it helps you save money along the way by showing you the best local gas prices and prioritizing your favorite RV membership clubs. Check out our full review of RV Trip Wizard for all the details.

When choosing RV road trip destinations, I start with a good old fashioned travel guide and narrow it down from there. For example, Lonely Planet Eastern USA. The information tends to be well organized so you can select the places you really want to visit.

Wow, 365 days of weather in the 70s and almost 4000 miles later, we’ve spent a full year touring the eastern US with our Thousand Trails membership. That’s it for now, thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy and have fun out there! See you somewhere down the road.

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