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Is Thousand Trails worth it? How much will it really cost per night? Use the Thousand Trails Membership Cost & Savings Calculator to find out!

When we purchased our Thousand Trails membership, I found myself immersed in spreadsheets. I was determined to find out exactly how much we could save over the next few years! What if we stayed 100 nights per year? What if we stayed 150 nights per year? Well, that got complicated really fast. I thought there had to be an easier way.

So, I created this handy dandy calculator. Simply enter the price and options for the membership you are considering. The calculator shows your nightly camping rate and how much you will save each year.

If you want to save money on RV camping costs but are not sure if Thousand Trails is right for you, start with Thousand Trails Membership (What You Need to Know).  We go over the differences between the membership levels, the costs and exactly how Thousand Trails works.

Thousand Trails Camping Pass Cost & Savings Calculator

Use this calculator to find out if the Camping Pass is right for you. Enter the number of zones you are interested in and the number of nights you plan to camp. Add Trails Collection if you want it. We’ll show you your nightly price over the year and how much you could save.

Thousand Trails Membership Cost & Savings Calculator – For Upgraded Memberships

Enter the options you are considering and how many nights you plan to use your membership each year. The calculator will show you your nightly rate and how much you will save each year for five years.

Thousand Trails Membership Cost

Here is a very basic overview and cost estimate for each of the Thousand Trails membership levels. There are often sales and promotions so make sure to ask. I think of the price as being a little bit like an MSRP. If you are not familiar with Thousand Trails read Thousand Trails Membership (What You Need to Know) for an in depth explanation and comparison of all the membership levels. 

Thousand Trails Membership Levels Cost – Purchased New

Camping Pass Cost & Overview

  • Includes Thousand Trails parks in the camping zones purchased. Stays up to 14 nights after which you must be out of the system for 7 nights. No park to park privileges. 60 day booking window.
  • Cost: $630
  • Additional zones if desired: $70 per camping zone.
  • Annual Dues: Not Applicable

Elite Basic Thousand Trails Membership Cost & Overview

  • Includes all 81 Thousand Trails parks with stays up to 21 nights, park to park privileges and a 120 day booking window.
  • Cost estimate: $7995
  • Annual Dues: $630

Elite Connections Thousand Trails Membership Cost & Overview

  • Includes all 81 Thousand Trails parks with stays up to 21 nights, park to park privileges and a 180 day booking window.
  • Cost estimate: $10,345
  • Annual Dues: $630

Adventure Thousand Trails Membership Cost & Overview

  • Includes all 81 Thousand Trails parks with stays up to 21 nights, park to park privileges and a 180 day booking window.
  • Can add Trails Collection Plus for 21 night stays and park to park at Trails Collection parks. ($630 per year)
  • Cost estimate: $16,595
  • Annual Dues: $630

Note: Keep in mind a new upgraded membership can normally be resold, so when you no longer need it you should be able to get some of your money back by selling it. (This does not apply to the Camping Pass.) In addition, they can be financed to spread the cost over multiple years.

Thousand Trails Resale (Used) Membership Cost

There are a variety of different resale memberships available with 21 night stays and park to park privileges.  Prices currently range from about $3550 to $4750 (including transfer fees) depending on the membership type and what it includes. Dues generally range from $549 to $650 per year.  While resale memberships can definitely be an incredible deal, there are some caveats. Be aware that some of them will not include all 81 parks and the stay lengths or reservation windows can vary. In other words, make sure that you know exactly what is included.

*Trails Collection can be added to any membership for $330 per year.

How to Join Thousand Trails

Camping Pass & New Upgraded Membership

Thousand Trails Member Specialists, Brandy and Jim Reneau can help you get the best price and the membership that fits your camping style. Contact them via email at or by phone at (770) 622-4188. Tell them Towing Home sent you:)

You can also buy a Camping Pass online at the Thousand Trails website. Get $100 off the Camping Pass.

Resale Upgraded Membership

We highly recommend using a broker to purchase a resale (used) membership. The Campground Membership Outlet is the broker that we used and it was a great experience. You can contact Kimberly at or by phone at 800-272-0401.  She really knows all of the ins and outs of Thousand Trails. So she can help you find the best membership for you and make sure the process goes smoothly. It doesn’t even cost you anything extra! Tell her Towing Home sent you.

That’s it for now. Hopefully you now have a better idea of how much Thousand Trails costs, how much you could save and most importantly, whether it is worth it for you. Have fun out there and thanks for stopping by, See you somewhere down the road!

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