Worthington 4.25 lb Portable Propane Tank Review

The Worthington 4.25 lb portable propane tank is one of my favorite upgrades. It’s small size makes it easy to move around a campsite and it is very simple to use.

It holds about the same amount of propane as 4 of the green 1 lb disposable canisters and it usually costs me less than $3.00 to fill! That is less than the cost of one disposable 1 lb propane canister.

This little guy has saved us a lot of money.

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The Specs

Worthington 4.25 lb (1 gallon) Portable Propane Tank

Worthington 4.25 (1 gallon) Portable Propane Tank

A small, sturdy and easy to handle refillable portable propane tank. Very convenient around the campsite.

  • 4.25 lb / 1 gallon propane tank
  • Diameter 9.1 inches
  • Height 11.8 inches
  • Weight – 11 lbs empty
  • Constructed of steel & painted with a rust inhibiting Durabond powder coat.
  • Meets DOT specs (DOT-4BA240)
  • Overfill Prevention Device (OPD)

Looking for something a little bit bigger?
Worthington also makes an 11 lb/ 2.6 gallon portable propane tank! It is the same diameter, but taller with a height of 16.8 inches. Same footprint, more propane.

What we think

Easy to use

This portable propane tank is very easy to use. A propane adapter hose runs from the tank directly to our Weber Q 1000 (link) barbecue and is screwed on just like the small green disposable propane canisters. It will work with just about any propane device that runs on the small green canisters, like a BBQ, a Coleman Stove or portable fire pit.

Nothing else to it. We’re ready to grill!

Running our portable fire pit is just as simple. Just attach the propane hose and we’re ready to go.

Easy to fill

If you are RVing, you probably already have a propane tank on your rig that you need to fill now and then. This portable propane tank is filled exactly the same way which makes it easy to fill while traveling or at an RV park.

For example Flying J, Pilot and Tractor Supply Co offer propane refills and many RV parks have a propane refilling service on site. Some will even pick up the tank, fill it and return it right to your site full!

A full 4.25 lb tank usually lasts for about 6 to 8 hours of grilling time on our Weber Q1000 and about 2 hours for our portable fire pit, the Little Red Campfire. If you want something a little bit bigger there is an 11 lb/ 2.6 gallon version available too! It is the same diameter but taller with a height of 16.8 inches. The 11 lb tank should last about 2 1/2 times longer than the 4.25 lb tank.

Pro tip: Some refill stations have a minimum refill amount. Make sure to ask about this before filling your tank. Also propane prices can vary pretty drastically between stores in the same area. Definitely call around to check prices before selecting a refill location.

A perfectly sized portable propane tank for RVers & camping

The small size of this propane tank is great for RVers. It is easy to move around a campsite and does not take up a lot of room to stow for travel.

Not too big, not too small. This tank is the perfect combination of holding enough propane to run our devices and being small enough to store and handle easily.

In addition, it is very stable when set on the ground. I have never had any concerns about it being knocked over. In fact, you would really have to try to knock it over.

To top it all off, I love that I no longer need to carry multiple small green disposable propane canisters. They are not only a hassle to dispose of but also an enormous waste of resources. Refilling a propane tank is way cheaper than buying disposable green canisters.

If you are looking for a portable propane tank and are not sure what size is best, use our Propane Usage and Tank Size Calculator to find out how long your propane appliances will run.

Don’t forget a hose to go with it!

If you are using it with a portable grill or camp stove you’ll need a propane adapter hose to go with it. We use a 6 foot propane adapter hose from Weber.

Interested in getting your own?

Check price at:


Camping World

That’s it. We’ve been using our Worthington 4.25 lb propane tank for over 5 years now and have not had any problems at all. It is still in great condition and should last for years to come.

Happy grilling!

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